Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dark Horse

So ya'll know my propensity for music, the angry white male kind right? Well I've had a thing for Nickleback recently, like for the last 6 months. Yeah I know their last album came out in 2005, where have I been? Even I can't answer that question. I do, however, like them enough to forgive them their Canadianess and that's saying something. The dh and I always rip on Canadians, again, we don't know why it's just a running joke. The Canadians and the French, oh yeah they are great fodder for the jokes.

Anyway today Nickleback finally released a new album, what took them so long? Who knows, they probably made so much money off of their last album that they could lounges for a few years. They have now run out of money so we get a new album! Isn't that how it works? Eh, yeah, Canadians.

Regardless, for those who have a thing for them and a bargain, Today Only,

Dark Horse

MP3 version on sale for $3.99 at Amazon.com

The hubby thinks he can convert it to iTunes for me, I dunno, we shall see.

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Anonymous said...

Although I'm not a huge Nickelback fan--$3.99 for a WHOLE album??! Wow!