Monday, November 17, 2008

That DAMN diaper hunt

Yeah I know many of you don't give a crap about The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt but I've never let that stop me before, not going to start now. It's been a long long long hunt and I'm cruising right along. There are 2 levels of difficulty in the hunt, regular and extreme. There are like 12 or 15 extremes and those are the ones where they hide the icon in a really elusive spot. Like a period at the end of a sentence is actually a link to the icon. How do you find it? Well you go around and around on the site for hours, drive yourself insane and finally just start hovering your mouse over EVERYTHING. Yeah it takes awhile but most of the other 170 sites are fun. They are allowed 4 clues to drag you through the website and the icon can't be too overtly hidden. Now those are super fun. I have, since Nov 1st found a total of 136 icons. That's a helluva lot of icons and some serious time spent on the computer, it's shameful I tell you! But it only happens once a year so I'm not feeling too guilty. And it only lasts a month, right?

And really, it's only the extremes that take an extraordinary amount of time and drive me insane and there are only 16 of them. Now mind you there is a hint forum so you can go and ask for a hint from the site owner. I have found though that there are a few that are just flat out beotches which seems counter intuitive if you ask me. These business owners voluntarily join up, donate some product and then hope to have a bazillion people go through their website and chose to purchase there. Now make the hunt so hard that NO ONE can figure out where the icon is and then behave nasty when people get frustrated and no longer want to look through your site? Yeah that makes me want to buy stuff from them. Not. Wouldn't you think that they'd be a bit more, I dunno, pleasant? After all they do want your money. Not like I expect them to give away the answers but some of them are flat out insulting and nasty. That's just bad publicity and that will lead to much more lost business than I'm sure they were going for. People have, in the recent years, been complaining about how bad people behave towards service (like airline stewardesses) but lets face it, if you have a small on line business can you really afford to piss off a few thousand people for a friggin treasure hunt? It's not like money out of their pockets to be nice. I'm not saying give the answer away, I'm talking common courtesy. Where has it gone?

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