Monday, November 3, 2008


I told you guys I was nutters, ya'll just didn't believe me now did ya? The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt is in full swing, my dh had lost his wife every evening to the laptop (not that this was a new thing, it's just set in stone for the month of November now) and you guys are now going to get these weird ass random updates with cool nifty things that you don't need. Don't worry though, I don't need them either so we can be baby-less together, isn't that nice? I do like my sleep though so I'm only going to complain so much. We'd have another kid, really we would but we are no where near the financial ability to right now. Hubby needs a real job with real pay not in a max sec prison, then we'll revisit that insanity.

Regardless in my hunt for the great owl/diaper icon I have run across a few interesting things that may (or may not) have existed when I had a newborn that I think I would have totally loved to have had. Or hell, they are just so damn cute they are going up on my blog because that's why we have blogs right? Go with me on this one people. I was at least nice for you men that occasionally flit by and only posted the picture of the bonnet, the other picture was of the woman actually nursing. Oh I know you'd get over it but still, I figured it was bad enough I was going all baby on you guys. And if you're wondering as of now I am exactly 50% of the way done with the hunt, found 44 of the 88 icons to be found.

The MoBoleez conveniently fits into both categories, I clicked on the link just because it looked cool (the icon was not there but I did find it, no worries!) and I just thought it was the niftiest idea. I managed to breast feed my dd until she was 6 months old and I had to go in for yet another surgery so I weened her to the bottle. I was not very good at the whole process, breast feeding that is, weening was no big. I usually just used a blanket but I am a card carrying member of the itty bitty titty committee so unlike many/most women I didn't have to deal with 'bigger' issues so those ornate travel thingies with connector dodads were not needed. This bonnet cover contraption thing would be perfect for women like myself. I LOVE it. It's so cute I linked it to my friend and told her I needed to give birth just so I could buy one. Or 6. If you can't see in the picture the rim has yummy written all the way around it. They are just stupid cute and they even have holiday ones for those people with way too much money to spend on things their children will never see.

I just keep reminding myself I need another kid like I need another hole in the head, or another dog, or another pair of shoes.....

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Anonymous said...

That is interesting--if I ever decide to have a kid I'll have to get one of those! I belong to the same "committee" as you! :) hehe