Monday, November 24, 2008

Moderately succesful

We were able to get out of the house on Sunday at around 3 pm, not bad considering the kid was sooo in the I don't want to move mood. The only thing that really got her out was the fact that she has this wee little toy game of Battleship. Like 1"x1",wee little tiny thing. I told her we could get a real one at Walmart so up she got from her spot on the couch in her pj's and went to get ready. Lord forbid...

We managed to get everything on the list except cranberry sauce, couldn't find it, and the mascarpone. But some lovely sweet local to me blog reader told me which HEB's have it so on the way home I hope to take care of that! The turkey, I've decided to get adventurous this year and brine it. I usually do a turkey in the bag thing and it has always come out spectacular but since I have the tools I've decided that I'm going to play. So brineing it is! I also bought the cheesecake spring form pan, mine didn't seem to make it trough my move to Texas. I had never even used it before so maybe I gave it away, who knows, so much stuff gets lost in a big move.

So now if I can get the mascarpone we'll have 2 desserts...for 2 1/2 people....lordy this is going to be a big turkey day. Oh and Battleship, got the real people sized one and we got to play. The kid kept knocking down the top though and all the pegs would fall out. It was FUNNY! Good thing her daddy came home when he did so that he could put them all back for her, over and over again. She did it like 4 times before we gave up. As it was we were about tied so she didn't do so bad!

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