Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Personal space issues

Every parent has them. In Roxy's case she's had her puppies, been spayed, and yet she has this little monster all up in her biznatch. Constantly. You saw the last pictures with them both in the little bed right? Now you're looking at her in her crate and Corbie thinking of different ways of driving her out. We got him because he was a super submissive dog, he won't touch Jaynie with a 10 ft pole (see he does have one brain cell that works) but for some reason he's decided that he can walk all over Roxie. We keep trying to tell her to kick his ass but she just doesn't want to bother. She's not intimidated by him, she just doesn't think he's worth her effort. I think it increases his short man's syndrome problems.

As for me and the rest of the household have I mentioned that the kid has practically moved into our bathroom in the mornings getting ready? It drives me nuts because she uses my space, not the hubby's. Green watermelon toothpaste smeared everywhere. Twice a day everyday. You know this is an only child, she has her own huge bathroom for herself. We even decorated to her specifications, it's beautiful. And unused. I'm thinking of just ostracizing her completely, making my space off limits. It's just about to come down to it because she needs to appreciate what she has and not take over other people's space.

My hairbrush, have I told you about the hairbrush? No? I have a boars hair brush. It's nice but not anything exciting. She loves it which is fine, it's a nice brush and all but she insists that it's more gentle on her head than her normal plastic ones. No, it's because she's usually got clean hair when she uses my brush. When we're using her other brushes that are littered about the house it's usually after she's got food in her hair or glue. Yeah Elmers white glue. Do you know how fun that is in the hair? Not even my hair brush is going to make that feel good. She's always got an excuse why it's in her hair but my answer is always, OK so you got it in your hair, why did you not wash it out? Do you like collecting it and then having it brushed out when it's dried? Nasty, why oh why do children use their hair as a collecting spot for liquid to solid matter? And then use my hairbrush damn it? Yeah I may just have to lay down the law sometime soon here.

Hey mom will you please put the camera down and kick Roxy out of her apartment?

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