Sunday, November 16, 2008

Long Term Ramificatons

Same-sex marriage rallies stretch across nation

So yeah, I wonder if the conservatives that voted for Prop 8 really understood the longer term ramifications of what they were doing. The longer term ramifications they weren't looking for that is. In the above article you'll notice that the protests are not occurring in small pockets in the California, Arizona, and Florida where the voting was done. Oh no, people are pissed and they are pissed in ALL the states. Whatcha wanna bet that pretty darn soon here it's not just those 3 states that are going to be having a fight rescinding/negating those state constitutional changes. Oh buddy I tell you what, it's now gone onto the nation wide level. This is going to spur some serious changes nation wide. Ya think the Church of the Latter Day Saints are going to have enough money to skew those votes? I think those people who sunk their entire life's savings are kinda s.o.l. now. Now they don't have any savings during a recession and there will be waaayy more money needed to publish lies in all 50 states. I wonder if they'll start selling their children to raise the money. I wouldn't put it past the zealots.

I thought this was an interesting quote in that article:
"There is nothing civil about a man marrying another man," one protester yelled. "You lost. It is not a civil rights issue. It is an issue with morality."

Alright can anyone tell me what is wrong with this statement on a legal level? Let's just whip out that first amendment shall we? If it's not a civil rights issue but a moral one what the hell was it doing on the ballots in 3 different states? So now we are using our right to vote to shove our religious beliefs down other people's throats. I don't think that's what this country was supposed to stand for but hey, since they are obviously in the majority I'm sure that's ok right?

Now whether or not you'll be able to have gay marriage in the buckle of the bible belt someday, we'll I don't know. But we did make slavery illegal nation wide so anything is possible. I'm curious to see if the fact that we have a black president will have any affect on the outcome. It shouldn't but again, it's supposed to be a civil rights issue not a religious one right? Right? NO? Wrong on so may different levels.

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