Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Run dog run!

Can I go for a race please?

I really need to figure out how to not only take video with my video recorder (that yes, does have a tape in it with stuff on it) but how to get it off of said recorder and onto the damn computer. Then I'd have to figure out how to get it on my blog with out it going all wonky. I've tried to put a youtube video up but it jacks the format of the blog something awful, I need help. Obviously.

Regardless, until all that happens I'll have to describe the action as best as possible because it was not only odd and rare but HILARIOUS. I know, this post is nothing with out video but bear with me. Someday when it all gets figured out you'll know where the hell I was coming from. Last night dh got home at his usual after work time ~8pm, and when he finished his dinner decided that he wanted to go out on a j-o-g. Fine and dandy great, works for me. Now mind you of the 3 dogs only 1 can be jogged with. Normally at least. Jayne has the body of a deer and doesn't even get to a good lope when the dh jogs, it's really amazing, he should be a racetrack dog. On a horse racetrack. With horses to race against. Roxy, well she's an older momma and, like me, just loves to be left at home on the couch. The dh has tried to get her to jog but she doesn't really have that get up and go. She'll get out of the house and smell the flowers. And mark, girlfriend was un-spayed for so long prior to us that she has this very territorial tendency you don't see much in bitches, she marks. GF can get that back end like 3 feet up and marks the side of poles and fences, makes it reeeaaalll hard to jog with her.

Corbin? He has legs that are, no lie, 3" long and a right hip joint that doesn't quite hold the leg in socket when he's running. So he tries but it just ain't right, sometimes you see him hopping on his left rear leg until that right leg pops back into socket. Yes yes he'll eventually need surgery (I had a lab that had both hips that had surgery done on them, I know the drill) but I'm not doing it until it starts to hurt him. The surgery is brutal, I won't put the dog through it until he has to have it. Regardless you don't take a lame stumpy anvil on a jog, it's just not what we got him for. Nor is it what they bred him for right?

So dh gets suited up, puts the sense-a-tion harness on the deer, I mean Jayne and heads towards the door. And wouldn't you know it Roxy gets up and flies towards the door with him with a pep in her step that I didn't know she had. At all. Well maybe when she was like 6 months old. Where the hell did that come from? She was sooo delighted at the thought of going out for a run. WTF? Who switched my momma dog out for an active alien? Yeah we kinda felt a bit guilty about leaving her in the house at that point. The kid then pipes up that she wants to go on a jog too. Yeah in her dress but ok, it's only in like the upper 50's out side but whatever. I then volunteer to take the 2 slowpokes (Corbin was not going to tolerate being left behind, stumpy anvil or not) along so the dh can actually get some sort of jog. I did not expect the kid to be able to keep up with him and our neighborhood is not well lit. I didn't want him to feel obligated to walk the kid for his whole jog.

So off we go for a walk, and boy did that not go as I expected. Here's how it normally would have gone, I walk the 2 slowpokes and they sniff and gather wool, the kid goes back and forth between me and the dh but doesn't actually jog. This would be normal in our household dynamics. Last night? Totally abby normal. Kid takes off with Jayne and daddy, keeps up the whole time (yes he was jogging slower for her). My two All American Rejects? Going full tilt. WTF? I actually have to run on this outing? So not cool.

This is normal:

Corbie, now I don't know how he kept up, it was like Harry Potter magic or something because genetically he is mis-inclined for running. Roxy, well now I haven't seen that kind of energetic lope in her like, ever. The funniest part though is Corbie, he sooo wanted to up with the big boys! His hind end can't take it though so his gait, oh my that needs to be filmed. Rather than a left right left right action he has to bunny leg it, both moving together in super high speed action. Frikin HILARIOUS watching his fat little butt move at super high speed like a squat bunny running towards the action. Eventually, when we got closer to the house the dh picked him up and jogged with him in his arms so that he could keep up and not be uncomfortable with the hind leg that just could not take it anymore. The dang thing just kept popping out and he was hopping like a 3 legged bunny. He was happy to be tucked under his daddy's arm like a football and running with the big boys. He's gotten to the point where he thinks he's just as good as Jayne so we let him go on with his short man's syndrome until he pushes it. And Jayne eats him.

All in all it was a fun evening of oddities. If we could get this enthusiasm out of all the beasts at once on a more consistent basis we'd totally do this like every night. Sadly though we are a sluggish bunch, the kid normally will not go on walks and she's not old enough to be left a home alone. The dogs? Yeah they are always up for a walk but there are times when it's more of a drag than a walk. Then you know Jayne, how he doesn't like strangers or other dogs, yeah that's always fun, not. Never take that dog out when it's windy either, twice as neurotic. He's like a horse in that aspect, I never rode when it was windy, those horses got all freaky...


Trailboss said...

Isn't it amazing how fast the boxers can run? And the deer antics, uh yes, we have them all of the time. I love to take a lazar light or a flashlight and shine it on the ceiling. My youngest, Sophie, rears up like a horse trying to get it. Just too cute. We are fortunate to have a large yard where they can run and run and run. From the looks of Sophie lately she needs some more running. She has put on some weight and it is from dry dog good but she is a PIG!

Anonymous said...

Wow...sounds like you had an energetic group last night! I bet that would be a sight to see! Hope to see a video soon! :)