Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Political rant and probably some random other things

Because you guys know how well I stay on track. Well ok I really don't but that's just how I roll, like a weeble wobble, I still stand up but it really just doesn't make sense that I do right?

I promised awhile back that I wouldn't make any political stances on this blog and true to form I won't but for lack of better titles that's what I'm putting up there today. Plus it just goes along with every one else's titles today so I'm going with it. Really though it's less of a political rant and more of a bitch about how the American people in general (oh God there I go, making a generalization, I love doing that, it tends to piss people off) are sooo overly pampered and really need to wake up and smell the freaking coffee people! Good lord I really wish Morgan Spurlock (you know, Super Size Me?) was still making those shows 30 days and they were required tv watching.

The people of America really have no freaking clue how good we have it here. We bitch and moan about how terrible our government is, how we have no real choices, health care sucks, our rights are squashed, blah, blah, blah, yeah right. How many of these people have ever stepped a foot across the border? And I can even deal with the northern border because damn Canada may be like the 51st state but it's one ass backwards conservative book burning state boy let me tell ya. Socialized health care, hello, try to get treatment for cancer there and your name may come up, in the year 2133, looong after you're dead and buried. It's got it's drawbacks yessiree it does. And how about south of the border? You ever try going there? I grew up 45 minutes north of Tijuana, it's a shit hole and don't let anyone ever try and get you to go visit there, you will regret it. No never mind, go visit. Give me a call from the jail when they throw your ass in for no reason whatsoever and try and extort money from you and all of your 'rich' relatives because that, my firends, is how it works in good ol TJ. Party hard!

Why does this rant come up now you ask? 2 reasons really, the first being, of course, all the political garbage floating about with the elections. I am a new fangled isolationist of sorts. My dh will probably become apoplectic with my abuse of the term but I abuse the english language daily so it's not a new one by any means. I think that America has sooo many problems on it's own I don't think we need to go delving into other countries problems and, in turn, making them worse. Do not get me started on the Iraq war, it's just somewhere you just don't want to go with me. Do ya'll remember when Bush Sr was leaving office? When he was being interviewed I distinctly remember the interviewer referring to him as Mr.Bush rather than Mr. President. He was so unliked by then that they were even dissing him to his face on tv before he left office. Yeah do you see his son in any better position on his way out? Oh hell the fook no, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out buddy boy! You'd think the American people would have learned with the first Bush or even with W's first term in office but nooo, they had to go and elect his ass in for 2 terms. Stupid Americans.

But back to delving into others problems, don't you think we have enough here at home? So the second reason for this post coming up now, The Pioneer Woman has sent her husband and 2 daughters off to the Dominican Republic for a Compassion Project so that the project gets exposure and gets more money for the poor starving children and families on the Dominican Republic. Oh yeah I know, I'm criticizing some wonderful families graciousness giving nature, go ahead criticize at will, I have comment moderation on.

A great and noble cause! The kids will get a chance to visit the DR and, lets see, lemme quote: "loved ones will be traveling into poverty-stricken areas, examining the extent of the region’s economic challenges firsthand. They’ll visit a city dump, where families scavenge for clothing and food, as well as neighborhoods where drugs are trafficked and children live beside open sewers."

All right let me tell you what first came to my mind when I read this. Why in the world would you buy 3 tickets to the friggin Dominican Republic to go see this? In todays trashed economy so you really need to be throwing away money like that? It just goes to reinforce my belief that, once again, I truly believe that P Dub is not a city girl she a trust fund baby. She would not survive one second by herself with no money in a city. They didn't need to send their children to a third world country to see that kind of poverty and filth. Newsflash people, it's in your own backyard. Like not right across the border (although it is in Mexico, no problems finding that there) no no, I'm talking right here in America. We've got slums galore, shanty towns, rampant poverty, filth, people living in the trash, devistation, lack of faith, you name it we got it. We are the land of plenty! Grow up in an ivory tower much? Good God just because you have rich parents doesn't mean the rest of the country does, all you have to do is look around. Oklahoma is one of the poorest states, it has no racial diversity and some of the saddest statistics for states that I've ever seen. There are a higher percentage of kids taken to church every Sunday than there are that are read to every day. What the hell does that say about the people who live there? They care more about their children's souls being saved then their ability to read. Hmmm interesting. And there I go digresing again but dang that's a whole other blog post into and of itself isn't it?

So why glorify it in another country? So we send our money somewhere else? Like we have soo much to send over? Like we aren't all whining about not having enough of it here? I have this wild and crazy idea, why not open your eyes and owe up to the own disaster that we've created for ourselves before delving into others issues? We can't fix everyone's problems if we can't even fix our own. Hell if we can't even admit that we have them. We have been sweeping these problems under the carpet for sooo many years people don't even realize they are there. I'll bet you that the average American has no idea that these problems exist in their own backyards. Go to the average San Diegan and ask them where the closest shanty town is to them. 99% probably would say TJ. 99% would be wrong. There's practically one in every single valley in San Diego, towns with populations in the hundreds live just feet off of the freeways there, they even steal electricity and get cable tv somehow, it's insane.

No, the average American needs to wake up and smell the coffee. It's time for change and many think that a new time has come upon us. I hate to tell ya'll, it's not the color of the president that will bring along change, it's the people. It's each and every individual out there paying attention to the world around them. Maybe this recession has woken a few of them up, who knows. The fact that a few states went from red to blue tells me that somebody was paying attention. I don't care that they changed from Republican to Democrat. I care that they changed, that's what tells me something. I live in a red state. I live in a red state that will probably never go blue. Not because they aren't into Democrats here but because Texans just don't do change, they hate it with a screaming passion. Do I see it as their downfall? Oh my yes, eventually it will bring them down. I don't know how or when but I do know it will not be pretty, it's a big state with a huge ego. It'll go down like a big fat freaking elephant in a big fat tar pit. Enough liberals will move in though and it will happen. Oh my yes, we are coming and we will start the change...

Pay attention people, America needs people to pay attention, no more complacency! Ya'll have been given a chance, don't jack this one up. I hope Obama realizes that the time is now. Really it is now or never. We're all (finally) paying attention and if he doesn't step up to bat and smack some serious people upside the head he may not be able to get this country back up to snuff. And yeah, we're going the way of all those other third world countries boys and girls. We are are weeellll on our way, most just don't even know it.....


Susie said...

But how do you really feel? heh heh

I do love a good rant. I scrolled through the comments over on PW and it is way too religious-y over there for me right now. It's basically a MM/Jesus love fest. I only saw two comments that weren't towing that line. You're absolutely right about people suffering right here in the good ole US of A. And I'm not really sure why it seems more... fashionable? to help needy people who live outside of our borders. I blame Angelina Jolie and Madonna. (Kidding.)

All that being said, I don't think helping someone out, even a little bit, and having your kids do it with you, is a bad thing. There are nearly insurmountable problems everywhere, and little visits like these probably don't make a big dent, but it must be better to do even a little than to do nothing. So while I agree with you that we should all open our eyes and help people HERE, I don't think it's a waste to try to do something abroad as well. (I have no idea what all PW & MM do here at home.) Personally, I would like to see religion taken out of the equation in more instances, b/c in my opinion it causes about 10 times more problems than it solves, but that's a whole other story. Basically, I do think most people's hearts are in the right place even if their methods are imperfect.

This is far too long of a comment I think. So I'll just finish by saying that I dig your no-holds-barred rants! (Whether I completely agree with them or not.) Keep 'em coming, there are many eyes that need to be opened.

Kimberly said...

see the problem is that when people look at the poor here all they think is get your lazy ass up and do something not realizing what the real problem is. When they go elsewhere they can say oh look at this poor country, we dont have that in the US. It is insane.
And dont let me get started about adoption and why it is now 'the thing' to adopt elsewhere while we have plenty children of all ages, races that need loving homes. This country is in a mess and one man in 4 years will not fix that-and that is where Obama will find trouble. when the change has not happened all the way in 4 years we will see some real nasty mud slinging. (hell they have already hung a noose at Baylor U. and Russ saw plenty of nice terms written on the walls over at UTSA) I agree, I am looking for change and when this man cant do everything it will go back to his race, and not the fact that the people did not help. One more word for people-Congress! (people check what congress does,the president doesnt do it all)
sorry this got long..
really liked your post girl! as long as things get people talking in a way that can open eyes I am all for whatever is said. Its the idiots I cant stomach