Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rayna, the face of Hoopnotica

I know I have posted before about my love of the hoop, on of the most prominent faces in the world of hooping is Rayna of Hoopnotica(she's the one performing on all the videos). It was an article about Hoopnotica that got me started. I was sitting and waiting in my neurosurgeons office waiting for my first appointment (usual wait time approx. 3 hours) and flipping though a magazine, I think it was Oprah but I could be wrong. My memory, bad ya know. I went to the website when I got home and ordered myself a travel hoop and beginning dvd. It wasn't until recently that I have ventured out and looked at other stores, hoop makers, etc. I make all our hoops but there are a TON that you can buy off of places like for fabulous prices. Pretty hoops too!

I have been going up to Austin the first Sunday of every month to hoop at a park with others, I bring the kid but the dh is tired of going with us. He spent the entire last trip pouting an doing the same passive aggressive crap him mother pulls, didn't speak to me or the kid the whole time. Next time he can stay home and pout with the dogs, lord forbid he spend his rare weekend day off with his family, he wanted to go paintballing. Whatever. He wasn't even there when I came home from the hospital with the kid when she was born. No he was at the paintball field.

So one of the bonuses of going up on Sundays to hoop is the girl who arranges it is a Hoopnotica instructor. She announced a month or two ago that Rayna was going to be in town to be teaching a certification class. No I was not going to take a certification class. Why? It's like a $750 course. To say that you are a Hoopnotica instructor. Um yeah whatever. I suppose you could earn money on being an instructor, if you had a HUGE studio to teach in. And students, people interested in moving. OK I live in one of the fattest cities in the US, no way am I going to find A) a studio to hoop lots of people in (they just don't do exercise here) or B) people, in any sort of volume, willing to hoop. So yeah, that and the fact I don't have a spare $750 made the thought of getting certified ludicrous.

But, lucky us, Rayna is not stupid and, of course, needs to make the most of visits out to other cities. They have a very successful business and there's a reason why. She also offered a beginner and intermediate class on the Friday night before the certification class (which takes all weekend). This I could do, it's only $29 and is just for those of us at these levels.

Of course we're talking at 6pm Friday night in a different city than I was located. Normally it's about 1.5 hours for me to drive up there but Friday during rush hour? Yeah I knew it was going to be fun. he longest part of the trip turned out to be getting the hell out of San Antonio. Once I got past our beltway it was golden. And I was doing about 80mph because by that time it was 5:45 (I left work at 4), yup it took me almost 2 hours to get the hell out of this 'small town'. 7th largest city in the US and the natives here swear that it's a small town so the infrastructure reflects that. Gawd it took forever!

I was a half hour late for class but that's life, I jumped right in. I'm sure if I had never hooped before it would have been a problem but I, for the most part, know what I'm doing so it was fine. It was awesome, easily 50 times better than I thought it would be. I have the dvd's and there are some moves on there that I just can not get. Rayna teaches them differently in person (of course) and I got them. OK I may not be able to do them yet but I understand how to do them and can work on them by myself now and know what I'm doing wrong and how to do it right, in theory at least. I don't think I've been to an exercise class in forever and it was never pleasant. This one was sooo cool! Very awesome, not like a huge work out or something like that, no that is definitely one of the bonuses of hooping. You can do it and either make it feel like you ran a marathon or not and just enjoy spinning the hoop. I'm not much of an exerciser, can you tell? This is so fun though, if you can get a hold of an adult sized hoop I totally encourage you to try it, you'll love it I promise. I made one for my co-worker and when she had family over they made fun of her and then everybody had to try it. And they loved it. Try it, you'll like it I swear.

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