Friday, November 21, 2008

OK so a friend of mine forwarded this to me...

Apparently a fof of hers has access to a paper grader for Poli Sci 101. Yeah so this is obviously a perfect example of the mental capacity of Generation whY the hell did anyone give birth to these morons? Some of these sentences aren't technically sentences and make no sense what so ever. The rest are just STUPID.

More Political Science 101 Paper Bloopers!

In this assignment, students were supposed to write a research paper about eating organic foods, Wal-mart, international economy, or the genocide in Darfur. These are direct quotes from their papers. I preserved their original spelling and punctuation for added awfulness.


"Where Would Jesus Shop? Not Wal-Mart!"

"We have to do something so we don't give more power to China that what it already has and stay in our country and support it so it can grow more."

"Wal-Mart is on of the largest companies, but the economy is not."

"It is the common of men to degrade women in certain manners that are rude and disturbing."

"In male dominant settings like that in Wal-Mart, the egotistical man will stop at nothing to banter the women co-worker until the feel so humiliated and embarrassed that they leave or get dominated."

Eating Organic

"Big business have stuck their nose into our society once again, and this time in one of our life's natural necessities: food."

"Many crops get overran with weeds. Many crops get destroyed by bugs."

"Some of us listen to our parents and properly eat the vegetables we get on our plate while others just refuse to eat anything that is considered to be healthy."

"Rising meat consumption is a big part of our human evolution."

"Vegetables grown at a monoculture farm generally does not provide us with the amount of nutrients as an organically farmed vegetable, in fact it frequently provides us with issues and problems that our world already have too many off."

Genocide in Darfur

Title: "Genocide! A Tragedy! But We Can Fix It!"

"The U.S. needs to make sure that the government is actually getting those needy people their food."

"When these situations that we expect to be taken cared don't, we must take a stand and help to make that change."

"These Strategies, whether it's contributing money to an organization, writing a letter to advocate more US funding, or even bake sales and fundraisers all are a part of the widespread effort to help stop these mass killings."

"It is up to us, the one, the few, the few, the many, to stand up and both figuratively and literally should at the government-the people we voted into office to- to take forceful action and stop tolerating genocide."

International Economy

"There is a new word among the streets and it is Corporatocracy."

"The World Bank has the motto of "Working for a free world of poverty" bannered across its website." This is actually part of a subtitle on the website and it reads, "Working for a world free of poverty." …big difference.

"But considering Africa has one of the strongest governments, it is almost impossible for it to collapse."


"We need to show how drugs can be good in our society and not let it get out of hang."

"Indeed, I admit that the only reason I initially responded to this book was because I am a fan of the Oceans' 11 movies and Oscar-winner and activist George Clooney is in fact represented in both anecdotes and pictures."

"It is with this in mind, and with the hope that celebrities will only use their powers for good rather than evil, that I am happy to say that I am one who can and is always swayed by celebrity opinion."

"The only problem in the Middle Eastern countries is that they are in constant conflict with each other and themselves."

"Here he is clearly referring to Islam and their jealousy of America and it's democracy."

"Bin Laden and Mc Veigh's attacks were positive for Americans because it forces them government to stop being corrupt and violating the constitution."

"Joe the plumber is loosing jobs to illegal immigrants."

"I think there will be an increase of women empowerment and if there is not then there will be no progression and our society will be stagnated. In relations to this we may have our first African-American president and the Neo-Nazis would have never thought of this day to come."


Kimberly said...

I have no words!

Trailboss said...

Uuuuuhhhhhh....I am speechless. Believe me, that rarely happens. This is awful! What kind of world will our kids have? Please tell me this was a survey taken from the kids that rode the "short bus" to school. Lie if you need too!

MichelleSG said...

I wish I knew but the only background I got was that it was from a poly sci 101 class at San Diego State University. Party school, my dh graduated from there as did my mom. It is scary though, that we have a whole generation of these flubs....

Susie said...

Wow. Just... wow.