Friday, November 14, 2008

A funny quote

From my fav online comic. OK the only online comic I read but whatever. Questionable Content is listed in my link roll to the right and you can only really appreciate how far along it has come if you start at the beginning. It's funny,really,it is. We started reading before the author got laid off and did it full time, now there are updates 5 days a week.
And I quote (from Sven, love buddy/antagonist of Faye's, and brother of Dora, Faye's boss)

A good relationship is like fireworks: loud, explosive, and liable to maim you if you hold on too long.

Which leads me back to a discussion the dh and I had last night. I think it was last night. Oh he would know and if it was sometime else he can go back and edit it. Anyway we first dated in high school we were 16, maybe 15. If you haven't noticed I'm not the one in the family known for their memory, that's his job. And we both forget our anniversary. Every year. Yeah we've obviously been together for too long, complacency much? In high school we were a bit more fractious. No wait, I was a bit more fractious and honey if you have a problem with the mildness of that wording you can write you own blog post. I didn't get many boyfriends in high school because they were scared of me. No not physically, I was 5'1" and weighed about 104lbs. Soaking wet. No not physically intimidating, emotionally intimidating. I was harsh and could make a boy cry in about 2-3 minutes, less if I knew him well enough. And I felt free do so at will, I had a razor tongue and enjoyed using it to humble those cocky teen boys. Oh come on you know they needed it. This was So Cal, those boys were terrible. So full of themselves, made it real easy to pop their emotional bubble.

This did make for interesting relationships when I did end up having them. Rare few and far between as that was. The dh had the privilege, or maybe the bad luck, to date me back then. One of maybe 3 in my high school years. I told you I was harsh and they were scared. He was lucky though, he didn't actually go to my high school so you know, it probably lasted longer because of that. Which was a whole...6 months, yeah just like the quote. Liable to get burned if you hold on too long, yup that was me. After 6 months though he'd had enough and stopped calling. He's always been an in the moment type of guy. Well hell most boys are at that age. Regardless what he failed to think of way back when is that revenge is best served cold. In his case 10 years cold so it was like dry ice at that point. Yeah so far I still have the last word on that one. Oh you want that story? Yeah it's a funny story, and I'll bet money that his version would be different than mine (and that's why we have separate blogs). Hell hath no fury....

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