Tuesday, November 18, 2008

IFC's Goth cruise DVD

Um yeah and you're asking....Wha? A friend of ours owns/runs a comic book forum website and gets some free things to review prior to release. He asked us to watch this one and review it. Why? Well probably because we are, basically, the type that went on this cruise. Kinda. Well almost. Close enough. This was a 5 day cruise ship going from New Jersey to Bermuda, 2500 'norms' and 150 goths. Oh yeah, We knew this was going to be a fun one. Really really fun.

Most of the goths were American, a few were British, one family with a 6 yr old son even. Almost all of them were older, basically at a point in life that they no longer wanted to go to a goth mosh pit for vacation. They wanted a real grown up vacation with others that enjoyed the same things they did. Some called themselves 'Elder Goths', oh lordy I felt damn old when he said that. God am I that old? We yes, I suppose I am. I was mod first, in junior high. Then as I moved into high school I morphed into the goth scene. Now mind you this was the late 80's early 90's. This means I was goth before the word was invented. See, I am just that old. I could relate to these people very well. I'm not so sure that's a good thing but it is what it is. A very interesting note about this documentary, and I say this in a probably biased manner, this is about real goths, not the new wanna be My Chemical Romance sycophants.

Oh my did that sound snobby? Apparently San Diego is know for it's snobby goths, we're kinda vain like that. Well lets face it, most of So Cal is snobby. It's one of the reason's I became goth, those surfer girls annoyed the crap out of me. This documentary, it showed me where I would be if I had continued to be goth as a corporate working American. Very interesting yet not what I wanted to grow up to be, no really. We only get into our goth get ups to go to club, we're stealth goths. Back in the real world we don't thrive off of that kind of attention. And that's what it all about now isn't it? Attention? That's what I got out of watching these people and listening to their stories. Translate it how you will but what started out for most as a way of expressing their own style really ended up becoming more of a "Look at me look at me" way of life. Not all the time, just when they get dressed up. Oh and the cross dressers? Don't assume that they are all gay, I'm pretty sure that's not what the cross dressing is always about.

They also interviewed some of the norms to get their opinion of the goths there and what they thought goths were about. Man are people stupid and ignorant. It just goes to show that when the average American is asked about something they know NOTHING about they will assume some pretty stupid shit. And then make up more shit to justify it. Which sadly, does not surprise me in the least. My faith in people is already at an all time low, election years do that to me. These people thought that goths were all about satan. OMG because they wear black. What? Now this is funny, one guy had a devil get up that took like 4 people to put together. He loved it, totally grooved on the norms that wanted to take pictures with him. He way played it up so those people, I could understand how people would equate that with devil worship but he was dressed as satan. One out of 150, yeah just go with that stereotype why don't ya! People always look for the easy way out that makes them feel like the better person. Not that I minded being thought of a satan worshipper when I was goth. If you are worried about what others will think of you then you wouldn't be goth, really, it attracts way too much attention and you'd have to be well medicated. No what bothers me is the assumption. I always appreciated those rare people that would come up and ask what or why we dressed that way. It was rare but it showed a certain amount of maturity and ability to think on ones own. Lord forbid! And fwiw the answer is no, most goths are regular Christians who just have a different style sense.

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dayo said...

Cool. So, did you enjoy the movie? I'm "Steph", and it's interesting to get reactions from others in the scene as they watch the movie.

I don't necessarily think it's about the attention - it's more about feeling comfortable in those clothes. Does it get attention? Sometimes, sure, and some people (you know the ones!) ham it up, but no different than the hoochie mama walking down the street with jeans cut to her buttchecks. :)