Friday, September 5, 2008

As an extension of yesterday's post...Today is Morbid Friday a la B

My husband's taste in music, not quite the same as mine. Similar, not quite the same though. He's more...melancholy. I'm more, angry? Yeah, let's go with angry. He was raised by his Peace Corps mom I was raised by my Navy dad so that may explain something to do with it, we do take on different roles in the relationship. Read into that how ever you will. Those who know us well probably won't even bother putting comments into the comment section.

Anywho, the extension on yesterdays post and music preferences yeah the point, I had one. The dh, he put Ozymandias II on my iPhone last night and managed to somehow (and again, don't ask me how since what I know about music management is jack diddly) take all of my music play lists off and put all of his on. Gahhh! Now all I have is this melancholy crap and none of my anger stuff. So today is now officially Morbid Friday a la B. Thank you Honey B, for trying and you did get the one song on. And all the rest off. And if it's all the same to you would you please take it all off tonight and put my angry shit back on? I'd rather have all my anger back and the one freak song later if it's a choice between all or one. Thanks for playing the wheel of iWhatever game.

Damn modern technology will kill me in the end. I will lose this game, I'm not so sure these advancements are such a cool thing anymore! Did you guys see the article yesterday on CNN where they are talking about how Steve Jobs needed to step up his game on iPods since they aren't selling as well? I mean why buy an iPod if you can just get an iPhone? Well um because some people don't want to be disturbed by a damn phone call when listening to their music? Purists! And dang does every one have to own an iPhone? Let me tell you if it wasn't for the fact that I got it for free (thanks Jas you need to have the latest and greatest guy!) I don't think I would ever come up with a good enough excuse to put out the money for this thing. Really neat toy but damn, way too much stuff for me to justify buying it. I know the dh wants one but wow, what the hell is he going to do with it, launch a space shuttle? Have you guys played with one? And yes, played is the correct word here, it is a really intricate toy for grown ups to be sure. I have purposely not put any games on it so the kid has no interest in playing with it, she is not, under any circumstances, allowed to touch the thing. I can not afford to replace it. No way, no how, no can do. Hell, I can't even put music on the damn thing...

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