Tuesday, September 2, 2008

One week back at school

And the kid already has a cold. Kids are such a disease ridden bunch aren't they? She does love being back at school though. And her friend's mom who has 5 kids now has volunteered to take her Wednesday afternoons for playtime which they all just love, I think the mom is nuts but I love her for it just the same. Plus what's one more when you've already got 5 right? 3 of them are under the age of 2 so the 2 older ones are occupied with my daughter, it's like they take care of themselves at that point. Just another playmate. Her kids come home, do their home work, have a snack, go play, have diner, bathe, and go to bed by 7:30. By the time I'm there to pick up my kid they are already going through their bath rounds. Heck I'm a slakin' mom compared to them so my kid just stands there looking like there's a tornado of action buzzing around her and she's standing still. It's kind of funny to watch actually. I may not even send her there this week if she's still got a runny nose but I'll leave it up to their mom. The youngest in their home was born in May (you guys remember the diaper cake I made for her right?) and was a premie so I don't want to send a cold into their household.

So I just called her, we're skipping this week and going with next week. No sick kids with baby in house hold. People would do that with my kid all the time when she was a baby, drove me nuts! They'd come over to visit and their kids would be sick with fevers and my kid was like weeks old, what the hell is with some parents? I mean if your kid is like 6-10 years old yeah, ok fine but weeks old? No, try not to drag over your school age kids with fevers to visit with infants, that's just rude and dangerous. Yet they did it all the time. I got to the point where there were certain people I'd go out of my way to avoid just because I knew they did not have the common decency to keep their infected children away from my infant.

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Kimberly said...

I had a friend purposly not tell me her kid was sick so that we would still go on the playdate-WTH!
some people are crazy!! Hope Evie is better soon...RJ used to always get sick in kinder and first grade, then I guess he got his immune system up or something