Friday, September 12, 2008

How prepared are you? Estimated time of departure...

This coming of Ike got me to thinking, just how fast could we cut and run? We kinda have a motto, you're only paranoid of they aren't out to get you. And as far as the hubby is concerned they are. Who are they? Who knows, doesn't really matter I'm sure. But in terms of preparedness you'd be surprised, we're pretty damned prepared. In fact I don't think the dh even knows just how prepared we are. When we lived in San Diego we had the fires so it's not like we aren't familiar with natural disasters. You never know where they are going to come from.

So let's start with the cast of characters (things living in household): 2 adults, 1 kid, 3 dogs (2 large 1 small), 1 chinchilla (for those that don't know they are small too), 1 corn snake (small too, she's not full grown). I mention size for the sake of fitting all these boogars in 1 vehicle, it's a squeeze but it was done before and it can be done again.

I'm going on the assumption that the event is not so catastrophic that we'd take the animals, not like Red Dawn (I loved that movie back in the day) where we'd just grab the guns and get the hell out shooting. That's a whole different scenario that the dh can post on his blog. He knows where he's stashed all his piles of ammo, I haven't a clue where all that crap is at. Plus I can't lift those stupid metal cases of the big stuff, too damn heavy. Don't ask me why we have that shit either, go to his blog and ask him. Like I said, he still works on the "You're only paraniod if they're not out to get you." idea. Hence the big ass green metal boxes of ammo in the floor of my friggin pantry. Why? I dunno. Go ahead, tell me what strange inappropriate crap you have on the floor of your pantry.

So we have the cast now what we'd need to get out. All the bodys in the car. The 2 little ones need to be in boxes. Yeah need. to. be. in. boxes. Do you know how fast a chin can move? Do not find out the hard way. They go somewhere between the speed of sound and the speed of light. I have a cat carrying cage in the garage that snaps together. Not the stupid kind that uses screws that takes like 20 minutes to find the screws and 40 minutes to crew together. I hate those. So that's quick and easy. The chin takes 2 seconds to catch and deposit in the box. The snake has a plastic shoe box below it's cage that we use to feed it in that we can use to travel in. Check. We'd also probably drag it's light and cage along too since that's easily portable and takes very little room. Also next to the chin carrying cage in the garage is a freezer box to put ice in so we can bring frozen mice with us to feed the snake. She only eats once a week though so if we forget it's no biggie. The chin and dog food are all in 2 bags in the pantry, easily grabbed and thrown in the car. Plus their food bowls. Done.

That's it for the pets so I give them about 10 minutes. As for us I'd grab a bag, some clothes (a gf gave me a good suggestion, all the clothes you like are probably in your dirty clothes basket anyway, just grab that). The kid might have to suck it up at this pint but she'd get over it once she's told she'd get a huge shopping trip at grandmothers. We'd grab the 1 computer with the pictures hd, the laptop, the cell phones and the chargers. Probably he dh's asthma meds because he likes to breathe. My purse and then we'd be out.

30 minutes. I could get our asses out of here in 30 minutes or less if I screamed loud enough and the threat was bad enough. The dogs would be frazzled but they'd survive and I'd tell them to suck it up or I'd leave them there.

So what's you're estimated time of departure?


Death before Decaf! said...

Ammunition likes to be cool and dry.
The Fonz likes to be cool and dry.

Pantries are cool and dry.

Ergo, the (bulk)ammo lives in the pantry. If we had a Fonz, he'd live there too.

AKA Beagle

MichelleSG said...

Yeah that would make a world of sense if the pantry did not also include the washer and dryer in that teensie ensie space. Our pantry is only cool and dry when we have no laundry to do...