Friday, September 19, 2008

Home again home again jiggity jig

It is nice to be home. I have learned a few new things since I've been gone:

1. I am no longer a city girl which leads to
2. I no longer want to be a city girl. It was insanely evident to me after this trip. You could not pay me enough to move back into a city. That was just nasty, dirty, nasty, loud, unpleasant. I don't care how close the shops are. I'd rather drive 20-30 miles to get to something. It's totally worth the drive. As long as I stay out of the snow belt I'm golden.
3. San Francisco has a lot of Asian people in it. A LOT. And damn I can understand their English but really, just barely and only because my mom is not a native English speaker so I'm used to the jacked accent. 50+ years in America and she still hides behind her accent. Get her drunk though and her accent goes away. Go figure. She's a con artist of rare high talent.
4. California knows how to cook food. Their vegetables are cooked al dente, not boiled to disintegration and then slathered in buttered or oiled so much that you can no longer taste the flavor of the original vegetable. The grilled chicken is actually grilled and not dripping in oil and grease. Salad, salad is a bed of greens and those restaurants in California know that. Salad is not 1/4 of a head of iceberg lettuce, served whole, covered in a cup of ranch dressing and a pile of baco bits and cheese. Oh hell no that's not a salad but lets not say that in Texas right?

Still and all, not enough to get me to move back to California. There are jobs available for me there. But the housing, oh my God no I would never go back there. No for all the money in the world no. The traffic, gah, the traffic! All that I remember and more. No thanks, I'm good. I've got a beautiful home in a lovely quiet suburbia 10 miles from a great job and I don't have to get on a freeway to get there. I am 5 minutes from 3 malls, all new malls and hey, the price of housing out here is not astronomical. Yeah, there is not one part of me that has any desire whatsoever to go back to Cali. I'm not even sure if I really need to vacation there ever. Too much family back there....


AnnaM said...
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AnnaM said...

I'm so sad that your trip didnt go as planned.
And that you are not gaga over Cali anymore.

Maybe you can visit someday... just to remind you. And I'll even take you out for a salad if you want.

MichelleSG said...

Friends, that's the only things that will consistantly get me back home to San Diego again. I just won't tell the in laws....