Friday, September 5, 2008

OK he fixed it, the iPhone now has my music on it

And bonus for me he also showed me how to play an entire song list without having to hit the shuffle button. Oh yeah this poor phone is such a waste of technology on me. I'm like Steve Jobs' worst nightmare. If it wasn't for the fact that my actual phone number was tied to it I'm sure the dh would have stolen it from me a looong time ago. Yeah so there's this little list button in the upper right hand corner of the screen that I never noticed before...yeah well it's little! The shuffle button is waaay bigger and it the middle and at the very top, totally obvious. I'm old and archaic, Gen X, not Gen Y, I need big, centered, and obvious damn it. 'k? 'k. Now on to bigger and better things. Relatively speaking of course, weekend plans. Here are the plans, we'll see how far we actually get.

Numero uno on the list, the kid's 7th birthday is in October and we are not doing what we did last year, OMG no. That was insane, over 68 kids at the house with their parents and a jumpy wow that was nuts. Plus the day before we took her and 2 friends to Libby Lu for a Hannah Montana dress up/make up plus song and dance afternoon. Nope, way too much. So this year we're going to take her and like 2 friends to Build a Bear and then out to dinner. Way more low key. So tomorrow I'm taking her to Build a Bear and booking the day. Right after my 9:15 hair appt, gotta do something for mom too on occasion right? I'm sure the only way I'll get her to sit still through that will be to bribe her with the Build a Bear thing anyway. Ah parenthood, good thing we got pregnant on accident, I don't think we'd have a kid on purpose if we really knew what was involved. It amazes me that the human race continues to survive, I mean really if we knew what we were in for.

For Sunday we have tentatively scheduled, get this (you'd think we'd have given up on this city by now right?), Austin. Yeah I know, we've done this city, what twice in the last 3 weekends? Not counting that one time the MIL went up by herself? But this time we have a good excuse. Our very good friend has flown out with her 2 kids (one we have not met yet, she was born 5 months ago) and hubby from Florida. They come out for a convention once a year and so it's time. So we shall see, if they are free on Sunday we will trek on up and meet them. It's been a year and I can't wait, I hope they can make the time in their schedule!

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Kimberly said...

if you go, good luck in Austin!