Saturday, September 27, 2008

iPhone sock

So I wanted something simple to put my iPhone in when I put it in my purse. It already has a hard case on it but with the glass face on it I knew it'd get scratched so the sock seemed like a nice simple alternative, until I saw the rip off price that I saw that they were charging for it. It's like $30 for a 5 pack, all different colors. First of all who needs 5? It's not like my iPhone needs to change clothes every day. Well unless I missed something and it actually came with AI, you never know these days. I figured I'd go onto Etsy or something and find some hand knitted alternative. I hadn't pulled the trigger yet (mostly because I don't have Paypal, ya'll remember that story right?) when I was out on my trip and stopped at Target. I was passing the dollar section, the one my dd so loves, and found these nifty little holiday baby mittens. For, you know, $1 a pair. That's 2, for a dollar. Yeah not 5 for $30. Low and behold the iPhone fit right in those little suckers. So you tell me, 2 for a $1 or 5 for $30? So I went and bought 3 whole pairs so I could, you know, beat the crap out of them at will. And I'm out 3 whole dollars, wow.

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