Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Yuppers!! This one goes to my woman Anna Marie, she who gifted me with a plug to my laptop at home (mine broke, second one I've killed). Yes that's right. The one I refused to buy from Dell because they way over price their stuff. You can buy them on evil bay for much less than half the price but I don't have Paypal. Why? Because Paypal is Satan. Big Brother reborn as Satan. At some point Paypal decided I was my friend Brenda, they told me I was her, that my email account was her email account and that I owed them the $500 she owed them and they then locked my account until I payed them the $500 she owed them. Yeah, I tell you what my email account is my last name (swiss) and her email account is some Irish goddess name that to this day I still cannot for the life of me spell. I told them to just close my account. They said no. I told them to piss off. And so my account has been locked for 2 + years now and I have no Paypal. Fuck that. It's not like I need Paypal. I've lived with out Paypal for most of my life. It's convenient to have sometimes. Like when you need a replacement powercord for your ripoff of a Dell laptop computer damn it. So one day Anna Marie mentioned that I had not been posting nearly as much as normal. Yeah well I'm lazy. I post from the couch, downstairs. What you think I go all the way upstairs to the computer room and turn on that old desktop, no I don't think so. Why do you think I rarely have pictures? That's the only computer I can download the pictures onto. This laptop doesn't like the connectors to the camera, the laptop is too old. Yeah, someday I'll up grade but again, I'm lazy so for right now, power cord it is.

The power cord arrived today so once again the babbling will continue! You can all thank Anna for the ramblin on (She's Ponine, the bento box lady in the links list), for asking me one day why my blathering had suddenly halted or rather slowed way the hell down. You all do know what I do all day right? Nothing. You do know that? Do I post at work? Not reeaally. It's just not all that inspriring there, I don't know why, I like posting at night on the couch, when I'm in super lounge mode.

Anyway, my work has put the cart before the horse. They got everything ass backwards so I have essentially nothing at all to do during the day. I show up to work and hold a chair down and read blogs. All day long. I also chat on Gmail. All day long. No, really I do. Just ask Anna. That's what I do for work. Until they get some building permits (yeah, it could be months) to rebuild my room, and then move my instrument (more months) then have it re-calibrated (again more months) I do nothing but this. All day long. And they pay me for it. All day long. So if you're bored (and have nothing to do either) email me and I'll add you to my list of g-chat buddies and we can chat. It's what I do. All day long. And they pay me for it. Also if you are on a hunt for something on the internet and want to find the best deal let me know. My friends and I have, quite literally, taken this kind of task to a new level of higher art form, no lie! I have had so many co-workers come to me with requests for some of the oddest things they just cannot for the life of them find or find a good price for and lo and behold we can and will find it. If it's out there we will get it. I love Google, it's the best thing ever invented. Unlike Paypal, Paypal gives Satan a bad name.....


Kimberly said...

Rock on Anna Marie!! thanks for getting my girl back on the blog..yep I stalk her. It's a good week :)

Jamie said...

Congrats on being back in the game! Anna Marie is our hero!

AnnaM said...

Thank you very much.
I have no ispiration to blog if my blogging buddy is quiet.

What's a power cord between friends? I mean really.