Tuesday, September 30, 2008

For what it's worth...

I didn't tell the dd that I had made the rice pink until I actually served dinner. Oh my was she DELIGHTED. I grabbed her a plate and said "Sweetie I made the rice pink for dinner tonight" and she grabbed her stool and swung it around up to the kitchen island at the speed of light so she could see it in the rice cooker (plate wasn't good enough, she needed to see it 'full glory, in action'). And boy howdy was that kid thrilled with the results. If she wasn't already a rice lover before she sure is now. And Anna no, the hubby was not turned off in the slightest by the odd color of the rice, he was thought it was nifty. A whole new interesting world of opportunity.

Now for those of you who are wondering not everyone uses food coloring in a bottle to dye their onigiri, in fact Anna Maria was going home last night to make orange using carrot. She also makes purple using cabbage. Hell I don't think she even uses a rice cooker. Me, not being a white person, would never even consider using a pot to make rice, oh hell no. As far as I'm concerned, no rice cooker, no rice. Doesn't taste right to me, wrong consistency. And don't try and push that Uncle Ben's crap on me either, gahhh. I once read this review of a chinese food restaurant where the reviewer complained that the white rice was sticky. Errr, what? Hello, IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE STICKY MORON IT'S WHITE RICE. For the love of god where do they get these people. Ever try to eat Uncle Ben's with chop sticks? Try it sometime, and video tape it so a bunch of china men can watch. And laugh their asses off at whitey. An inherent trait of asian rice is it's sticky consistency, could you imagine trying to make sushi with out a sticky white rice? Amusing but not practical. Onigiri? Impossible. Anyway, the dyes, many use natural dyes as in the link I had used in yesterdays post. Me, I have a boat load of bottle dyes and a rice cooker that I was ready to hit the 'cook' button on. Hence the pink rice for dinner. Welcome to the good ol' US of A and the quicky method that pleased the kid immensely. That child's eyes lit up like it was Christmas...all because I made her rice pink.

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BITR Country Girl said...

Pink rice, that's awesome. I'm glad it made your little girls day!