Monday, September 8, 2008


We managed to do everything we planned to get done this weekend and find everything in Austin that we needed to find. This will spread out over a few posts since the dh was nice enough to take some photos. We didn't get any of the kid hooping (we suck) but we will be going back up to hoop again. The hooping was way fun, we managed to find the hooping group quite easily now that we got the right 5th St (south not east, totally different street). We met some of the coolest people ever, the group organizer, Georgina, happens to be a native San Diegan also and graduated from the same HS the dh did and grew up in one of the hood we lived in (AbNormal Heights). Cool hood. It's had sketchier days but is pretty well known now for it's artsy feel. You don't even want to know how much houses in that hood go for right now, it's criminal.

Back to the Austin trip and hooping (the first stop on the trip) though. After hooping we did lunch with the women we met. They had a multitude of suggestions, Austin does not suffer from the same lack of quality food places that San Antonio does, but we ended up joining them at Freddy's Place. What an awesome suggestion on Georgina's part. Oh my yes Awesome suggestion. It had a full size outdoor playground and even better a stage. One that eventually hosted this performer who had a juggling routine, 2 performing dogs, a performing macaw, ballon shapes, and if that wasn't enough, an accordion that he played Star Wars music on, check out the kid once the food came, lounging that rivals her grandfather in front of Monday night football:


Kimberly said...

love that first pick, she is looking like 'dont even think of asking for any of my food' glad you had a fun time

Death before Decaf! said...

Damn, those are some excellent pictures.