Thursday, September 4, 2008

Music and the iPod/iPhone intricacies...

I still don't get them. It still is beyond my computer knowledge. I can build a computer but I can't get music from a computer onto my iPhone. I wanted a song to go from my email to my iPhone. The dh dutifully puchased said song and sent it to my email. I turned my email on the iPhone (it's not always on, I review applications for a dog rescue and I can get up to 200 individual applications for any 1 dog so I get emails numbering in the thousands in this one account alone, hell no I want to get my email on my phone). But if I want to access one email I can just turn it on and access the one and down load the song, which I did. Or so I thought. But apparently not. Because it took awhile, looked like it downloaded, it played but when I turned the email off it was gone. Oh well, I'll just take the phone to the computer at home and have the dh just download the damn thing. Why so complicated? I swear everything is so patent protected they make it such a pain in the ass to get a damn song on the friggin iWhatever.

But the song, yeah the song, an interesting one for an interesting reason, yet another circuitous Michelle thought route. I started a belly dancing class last night (that I had to drag the poor dear child to and now she's asking all kinds of funny funny questions, get to that later too). The class, Gothic Belly Dancing. Ever heard of it? Yeah I thought not. Nobody else has either so don't feel left out. I linked it, go to the very very bottom of the page and there's a My Space link and on the My Space page there's a video of her doing a dance. Texas, the last place on earth where you'd expect to find it that's for sure. Nice woman, felt that need to spend like the first half hour of class trying to explain what Gothic Belly Dancing was, which , by definition, is kinda inexplicable. It's dancing, dancing is an art, you can't really put a definition on art. It's not a science, give it up. Only in Texas would anyone even bother trying to justify it with an explanation. There were only 3 of us in the class, get up and teach us some dance moves babe, I mean really.

So the song, it's the song that's she's using to teach us the dance to. It's a pretty song, not one I'd normally go out and buy but if you haven't noticed by my music list on the right side there my tastes run towards what I call "angry white male" music, Powerman 5000, Linkin Park, and my current fav Nikelback, so good I forgive them their Canadian-ness. No, not your average belly dancing music so I felt the need to spend the $1 and get the one song that we were using, Ozymandias II by Qntal. Yeah, the only reason I even knew the spelling is because I knew she was pronouncing the word Ozymandias wrong. The fact that I knew the word Ozymandias, correct pronunciation and spelling at all just goes to show I married a total English major snob. Do I know how in the world that word came up between the dh and I over the years? No, but in the world of gaming geeks all these things do like Antedeluvian. Who uses words like Antedeluvian any more? Gaming geeks do, that's who. Why? Because it's long and it sounds cool. And that's why these words still exists. Well and because belly dancers listen to strange music made by bands with names like Qntal. Tell me how drunk did that band have to get before they came up with that one? Or how long were they in the hooka lounge. BTW, does anyone else find it strange that Qntal is a german band? I always found germans to be a much the box kinda crowd.

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Kimberly said...

girl how the hell do you find this stuff?? I can barely find my own blog let alone something like this. I hate computers, i am so challenged in this are and the thought of learning gives me a headache (like the one I have now because Anthony did something funky to my laptop) or maybe I have been a SAHM way to long and rebel against teaching my 'noggin' brain anything challenging..