Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So why is it that we went up to Austin again?

There was a real reason you know and it was not really hooping. No really there was. Our friend Danae (from way back int the day). Ok maybe not way back. Alright so lets so how that family tree works out, let me explain it with out drawing the family wreath and see if ya'll can keep up. If you can maybe I'll give away a pwnie, maybe not. So where doe Nae fit into the family wreath? In the beginning (ie jr high days, that would be in the 80's) there was the 4 boys, Jason, Dan, Vaughn, and Brennan, ooo I'm handing out names here people keep up cause I don't do it often. Now they didn't all meet at once but for the sake of you don't really give a hoot and neither do I there you go. They all basically ended up going to high school together (kinda) until Jas got his bicycle stolen (this is the same high school Georgina (see previous post) went to for those of you keeping track (kinda shady downtown high school). Mind you these boys went everywhere on their bikes, I was the only one with a car. Anyway, the family wreath. Jas decided he'd had it and transferred high schools, right into mine which is how I met the boys. And eventually ended up in the here and now married and with a kid but we'll get to that later. So then lets see at that point he was dating Cristine but after hs he broke up with her, joined the military and dated Brenda (not in that order?) who he then married, then divorced, in Florida where he was then stationed. He met Danae out there brought her back to San Diego, they got married and stayed in San Diego for many years after.

I came back to SD in 2000 after a 10 year absence. Jason came and got me when I called from Maryland after no one hearing from me for 10 years, I'm bad. I moved in with he and Nae and found a job and as fun as that was once I got on my feet what, 10 months later I did move out and whoops got pregnant within like 3 months. Ya'll keeping up here? This is like the quick life story here so keep up. First people I told were Jas and Nae. At 7am on a work morning. It was a rough morning. I didn't tell Brennan until later that day because I knew he wouldn't take it well. I'm not blogging that one because he'd have a fit so don't even bother asking. So let's see...Jas and Nae were still married at this point and on through my pregnancy where I refused to get married because I don't get married just because of pregnancies, marriage should be based on other things. They were our best man and matron of honor at our wedding when our daughter was 8 months old. Jas and Nae were divorced...maybe a year after that? I can't remember but it was not that long after.

Nae went back home after their divorce because she remarried a man that is from Florida and both their respective families are still in Florida. Now they are back with family and have 2 kids of their own, their newest was born 6 months ago and we just got to meet her last Sunday and that was the reason for the trip up to Austin. Well that and we wanted to see her, her son and her husband too. They come out once a year in September for her husband to do some computer-y on site work of some sort and stay with some friends of theirs that live in Austin. If you notice on the right side bar of links, that one that says Danae's mommy forum (it's a long story) that's the long story. See now aren't you glad you didn't ask? There was this other fertility forum she was a part of that was a pain in the rear that kicked people off and was mean and nasty so she made her own. That's why if you go to it you can't actually get into anything you have to register and get permission to get in. They don't have anything strange going on there, they just have to deal with the fact that they have post traumatic stress combined with pregnant or post partum women that are trying to escape from a nasty forum that kicked people off. It was, apparently , a very odd forum. Her forum, very normal.

But I digress, we were able to hang out with our dear friend this past weekend and see her new beautiful baby Lala. Oh and Brennan got to see cloth diapers in action (it's this new thing, yeah, this is the same woman who turned us all on to the mama pads. They kinda go hand in hand with the cloth diaper fad). He was impressed, or rather, less intimidated by the process.


Lisa Allen said...

Uhhhmm ..Hi. Well I saw your comment on Pioneer Woman cntest about a red velvet cake...It is one of my altime favs and I would really love to have your recipe. Is that wierd?? I don't think so...I know no limits when it comes to red velvet cake. Thanks, Lisa

Trailboss said...

Nothing like spending time with old friends.