Thursday, September 11, 2008

The sky is falling!

Well actually it isn't. It's a beautiful bright and sunny day out but dang, I just love how everybody is having a panic attack over the coming of Hurricane Ike. Terribly amusing really. Let me give you an example, I work at a Diabetes Clinic and they are rescheduling all the afternoon appointments tomorrow and we are closing at 3pm. This is San Antonio, go look it up on a map. We are South Central Texas. All evacuees from the Texas East Coast are coming to here not evacuating out of here. Yeah sure we may get some rain and low laying areas may flood but come on people, close up shop? How lame is that? It's not like 6 feet of snow or something? OK so I'm from So Cal and I am not from some place that has 'weather'. At all. But I did spend 6 years on the east coast, I have lived in 'weather' before and I'm just not seeing it. Last year out here was the 100 year flood summer and it did not stop raining for 3 months. Very cool, lotsa water, lotsa flooding. It wasn't a hurricane but it was hella wet horizontal rain that you did not want to drive in that's for damn sure.

Now the coming of the end of the world that Ike is supposed to be? I dunno, I'm hoping that I am going to be proven right and that they are just blowing smoke out their collective asses. That is what Texans do on a regular basis, trust me on this one. They are a whole lot of talk and little to no action. Friggin huge hat enormous belt buckle retardo boot wearin never touched a bovine or equine in their entire live drug store wanna be cowboys. Yeah, ok so I'm critical but if you want smiley faces and lies and sugar coated happiness people ya'll know you've come to the wrong blog right? OK if you haven't figured that one out by now you're in for a fun one. Well then if they get it right and this hurricane is catastrophic in San Antonio I'm going to be extremely surprised. So what do you all think? Is Ike going to do anything other than cause a bit of rain to San Antonio? Not the coast of Texas I mean San Antonio. It's going to kick the coast's ass, lay some serious waste to it, no doubt in my mind. I had friends in San Diego that were supposed to fly into Houston this weekend and I thought that was just a real bad idea. Fortunately he canceled his plans today. Yeah flying into a city with a hurricane coming in oh so not a good idea.


Kimberly said...

you out to see what the city did with the threat of ice. It was back when we first moved here, we spent the day laughing at all the shutdowns, fenderbenders, and general panic. I think HEB has a deal w/the news channels here-it is their way of getting even more business (do they not realize they are the only grocery store here and I dont count walmart or target as grocery)

Jamie said...

I think you'll get some rain but it's always better to be safe than sorry right?