Friday, September 12, 2008

Beacuse Hurricanes are boring when they aren't hitting you

Yeah I know, you see the pity party flowing forth from me don't you? Really now though, I am the height of practicality. I got bored last night and bought an app for my iPhone. Did you know Spore is available for the iPhone? It's a nifty little thing, nothing exciting but I'm not all that into games anyway and I didn't want anything my kid or the hubby would get too into. They aren't to mess with the phone or I know them, they'll jack it all up and then I won't be able to answer any of my phone calls. You laugh but it's true, we are well known for killing phones, we go through the damn things like candy!

Sooo, this Spore thing, amoeba that grows by eating other smaller things and moving up the evolutionary scale. Very cute and works really well with the iPhone and moving it around. I like it. Plus it doesn't require any talent whatsoever and for a person like me who doesn't do video games at all that's kinda nice. Yeah, I'm a loser, I don't do video games, computer games, roller coaster rides, motorcycles, jet skis, skiing, snow boarding, bicycles, horseback riding, the list goes on. Tried it all too so don't get on my case about well you can't knock it until you've tried it because I have. I think I just have a fear of speed and a seriously bad case of vertigo, most of it makes me want to vomit. The dh and dd love all of it. Well the dd hasn't gotten old enough to try half of it but when she does I know she'll love it, she's a speed junkie just like her daddy. I hated it all by the time I was her age so I have faith that she'll love it all. I remember when she was 3 and she watched her daddy get on a roller coaster ride and she was all kinds of bent, cried like there was no tomorrow. She wasn't upset that he was on the ride, she was upset that he was on the ride and she wasn't. Yeah she does not have the same problems I have. Nope, she does not have my issues in that department.

I think I won't show her the game on the phone, I know she'll want to play with it and the phone is glass. I don't want anything dropped and I haven't got any screen protectors on it yet. The dh downloaded the app onto the iPhone so he's going to play it anyway, no keeping that from him. Plus he reads the blog....

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