Friday, September 19, 2008

I don't watch MTV or music videos

and I don't listen to country music. It's just a fact of my life. MTV just started out when I was young, the videos were maybe interesting back then. In my preteens. Nowadays and maybe for the past 15 years they've all been just stupid so I've long since stopped watching them. Loong since.

And country music? Nope, I grew up in So Cal, we don't do country there. I mean if you drive like 45 minutes inland there's some cows and ranches and stuff but no one where I lived ever admitted it. Nope, we were all sun worshipers that lived and died by the ocean. The closest we ever got to large farm animals existed at the Del Mar race track and that was only because the race tack was, quite literally, on the ocean.

So why am I rambling on about this? As I sit here at home (because I flew in at 1 am and did not go into work today oh hell no) and lounge about on the couch and watch drool daytime tv I flipped past CMT. Oh they have some funny stuff on (I know I have mentioned this before). Anyway they have the top 20 music count down and for country it's not all that country (except Rehab, they're funny). Does that make sense? It just doesn't seem all that yee haw to me, maybe more cross over to me? More like pop country, country lite? I dunno, just not what I think when I think country, what the hell do I know. It's not like I'm a real Texan I don't even like iceberg lettuce salads. So here I sit between any shows of interest (because I can only handle so many episodes of A Baby Story) listening to country lite wondering how many hicks just can not stand CMT. Really they must hate this stuff. Meanwhile I've come to find that I think this one video/song is just adorable. Yeah I just used the word adorable to describe a country lite song. It's ok though, my readership is almost exclusively female and I happen to know the 3-4 male readership closely resemble metrosexuales and will get over it. The video? That would be Brad Paisely's Waitin on a Woman. It's cute, I like it. My dh think's I've been in Texas too long. He's probably right but that's ok. Like I said, I went back to Cali and it's too late, I'm not a city girl anymore, I'm not going back to that city life. I'll move to a city like Austin but I'm not going back to California. Nope, not gonna happen. I'm not saying I'm going to program a country radio station onto my cars radio either (cause I've heard the local ones and they give me nose bleeds) but I can handle the CMT country lite stuff, it's cute.


Froggacuda said...

I read your blog, I am male, and I am NOT metrosexual. Srsly. If you refuse to live in the city, at least get a Facebook account so you can virtually smell the smog and desperation.

Death before Decaf! said...

A Facebook?
Not a MySpace?
OMG, like, my dw, like TOTALLY needs a Facebook so she can pwn!

Y so Srs(ly)?

Jamie said...

I love Brad Paisley! He puts on a GREAT live show too!