Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So what do you eat for breakfast?

A discussion with my friend yesterday led to this thought process. Some of us don't have breakfast at all, I know, it's supposed to be the most important meal of the day, whatever. I remember a time I couldn't even think of food at that hour. I do eat breakfast, actually can't survive without it. The dh must have coffee, the rest is just fluff for him I think. I get stuck in ruts with what I eat, I'll have the same thing for weeks on end, right now it's my version of the Starbucks Vivanno. I was buying them on occasion but they are a rip off, what like $3.75? My God what a crime. Anyway my version probably has a calorie count that will bite me in the ass (or grow me a new one) and I don't really want to know but for those of you who want to know what the ingredients are:
Splash of milk
chocolate syrup
1 banana
1 scoop vanilla ice cream
1 tablespoon of peanut butter (I added this, Starbucks doesn't)
blend this in the blender
Add 5 or 6 ice cubes and blend

And if you can figure out the caloric content of this more power to ya. Now can you belive what Starbucks charges for this? I swear, the sharks...


Paige said...

If at work, either chocolate pop tarts or a toasted bagel. I dont eat breakfast at all if I am not at work

thank God, I do not take coffee, and that we have no starbucks, as I have an addictive personality and do not need another problem

Kimberly said...

pfffft, we are all going to die from something-might as well enjoy the good things while we are here!:)

MichelleSG said...

I was thinking of switching the vanilla ice cream to something like coffee, going uber bad!

Jamie said...

I used to do a sandwich and a soda for "breakfast" (I work third shift so it's technically dinner for me) but now I'm going the healthier route and it really depends upon what I happen to be hungry for at the time.

m0to said...

Clif Mojo bar and a Dr Pepper.