Thursday, December 25, 2008

And on Christmas morn...

...we were up. At like 1 am, 2 am, 3 am and so on. The kid slept in until like 8 and only woke her Nanni (pronounced nonni and that would be my mil) and her cousin. She was all better from her stomach flu thing but starting at 1 am her daddy had started with it. Which is why we got no sleep in our room. I swear we need to do something about this man's immune system. In the meantime me and my mil are worried that even with our sterilization techniques of all the surfaces that we might get it. So we are eating as much as we can in hopes that at least we can enjoy the holiday food right now. The good news is that we didn't do Christmas dinner tonight, on Christmas. For whatever reason Nanni wanted to do it on Christmas Eve so we did. Hey she made the meal she can serve it up whenever she wants. As long as I don't have to make it! I worked Christmas Eve and will be working again tomorrow. I don't know why places that are not retail insist on being open these days, they are empty. Not even the pediatrician was open on Christmas Eve, why the Diabetes and Glandular Disease Clinic? What a waste of everyone's time, barely any patients to speak of. They were either out shopping, cooking, or at the very least with their families!

We have had a good day though, of lounging and playing with the dogs. The cousin is my crazy dog's fav person in the whole world. Don't ask me why but Jayne thinks tweens are the best aged people. They are constantly out in the back yard playing or romping around the house like lunatics. Jaynie looooves playing with him. It makes me happy, seeing the big loon acting like a normal well balanced animal. Like we all know he's not but can feel like it on these rare occasions. The neighbor's older son came over with a small food gift and Jayne greeted him at the door and didn't try to kill him. Yeah this makes no sense to me. I was upstairs in the shower or I would have had the dogs outside, my mil doesn't know that the dogs aren't to greet people at the door because Jayne will eat them. I don't know why he didn't, really. Jayne has met the kid before and tried to eat him then. We were outside just returning from a walk, Jayne was on leash and the boy was returning a dvd that we loaned him. He came up and before he got within Jayne reach I went to tell him to stay back but the kid got just with in Jayne mouth reach as the words were leaving my mouth. He didn't break skin (Jayne never does, just grazes teeth) but he did startle the kid, I mean he was biting, lunatic dog. So why was Jayne ok with him coming over? I have no idea. We have company over and normally this throws Jayne off enough to try killing the other dogs randomly and anyone coming to the door too. I think he's just happy he's got the cousin over to gleefully play with. See cousin is not only the dd's fav person in the whole world but Jaynie's too. I'm going to start working on getting his mom to let us have him. They are having big problems at home so you never know, I may get that second kid after all. One can always hope!

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Trailboss said...

Maybe your pup didn't try to eat the neighbor boy because he had been outback playing himself silly. Who knows? But glad to hear there were no bite scenes going on.

Also glad to hear you daughter is better.....although sorry to hear the hubby has it. Nasty shit I say!