Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jeans, the bane of my life

I know with the new year every one makes some sort of resolution to diet, get in shape, blah blah blah. I don't diet, I don't believe in starving myself, I believe in exercise, which I don't do either, shhhh. Now mind you I grew up in So Cal, my diet is really good compared to 99.999% of Texans, most in the south east really. So consequently I don't have any sort of major weight problems and find it easier than many to stay at the same spot weight wise. Not saying I've got flat tummy mind you, last time I had one was after brain surgery and losing like 15 lbs in the hospital. Side note, if you need to lose weight this is not the way to do it.

I am so against stressing out about weight I do not, never have and never will, own a scale at home. I don't really care what my numerical weight is I care about how I fit and look in the clothes I wear everyday. For the most part I don't wear any tight clothes, I believe in fit before fashion. The only 'tight' things I own are my jeans and they aren't that tight. They are tight enough that I can gauge my weight changes by how well or not so well they fit. Lets put it this way, they have never been lose on me and they are looser on that model in the picture than they are one me. She's built more like a tall stick, me, I'm more like a short mid thirties soccer mom. I like the way they look on, it's one of my little vanities, I have a bootie and in some jeans my butt looks great, in others, not so much. It makes jean shopping hell (and yeah, I know I'm not the only one out there that hates shopping for them) and once I find a style I like I buy like 3 of them and call it a successful year.

It's been awhile since I've worn my jeans, I wear scrubs to work so weekdays are out. Weekends I'll wear knit pant because it's the weekend and comfort is a priority. Now let me mention something about the jeans, I have to wear them with a belt because of where the ones I like sit on my waist like at the widest point. They are supposed to be 'mid-rise' (so the label says) but for me they are barely that. Really now, mid-rise? Mid what rise? Since I am allergic to metal and the back of the metal button of the jeans and (usually) the belt buckle is made of metal they both will cause a vile rash that oozes on my tummy right below my belly button so I have to wear a Bella Band when wearing jeans. I posted about the band awhile ago and I do love it but it makes wearing jeans more tedious since I can never remember where I put the dang thing last time I wore it. I'm disorganized like that.

So today I decided I wanted to wear jeans, located my Bella Band and then chose my darkest/newest pair of Lucky's. I then thought, odd I never had these ones tailored and I thought they were the exact same ones that I had before (all of which were so long they had to be shortened by like 3"). So I looked at the labels of all of my jeans that I prefer. I have 5, 3 are Lucky brand, 2 are Ralph Lauren. All in each brand fit me the same in length and waist. 2 of the Lucky's are size 8 regular and had to have 3" in length taken off so I can walk in them. The 3rd pair of Lucky's (newest darkest) are a size 6 and have never been altered. They also fit me the same as the size 8's. Huh, go figure. Then I looked at the Ralph Laurens, one is a size 8 and the other a size 6 neither have been altered. Again, both fit the same. How do these manufacturers expect women to find any sort of mental stability if they can't give us 1 size that we fit in? I don't have magic Harry Potter hips (much to my dismay) and each of the jean brands are not different jean styles, the 3 Lucky's are the same style, the 2 Lauren's are the same style too. Oh and before you ask the answer is hell no, I can't afford regular price Lucky's and Ralph Laurens. I bought them at Costco when they randomly show up there. Good God the price they put on denim nowadays is obscene, highway robbery! I think I paid $39.99 for these things and I balk at that price even. I blame it on vanity, Levi's are cheaper but they don't look nearly as good on me. So I guess I could blame it on my ass as much as I can my vanity huh?


Anonymous said...

haha! i buy my jeans at costco, too! except i have the calvin kleins in a . . . 7.

whatever you do, do NOT but jeans at old navy . . . they're just no good. =( cheap, but no good.

Anonymous said...

Oh I wish we had a Costco here! And I hate jeans more than anything--I pretty much wear sweatpants any chance I get! And I agree jeans are SO freakin' expensive!

Kimberly said...

now u know all u have to do is stand with your bum out like this model all day. whats the problem girlie?! ha!