Monday, December 1, 2008

Since December 2007

See I told ya so! People were so in denial, I've been telling everyone for almost a year now that we're in a recession. That I don't give a hoot about the bull crap that Bush spews forth, we're in a recession. Hello, denial, the one and only deadly sin. You can blame all the others on the one and only, DENIAL. You can deny all you want but we are there, have been for a year now. Yes that's right, I've just scooped CNN, I called the R word for 12 months solid and no one wanted to listen.

Not that it makes any difference if you listen to me or not, I don't know any financial people. Hell I had brain surgery a year ago, not like I was going to be making any investments. No, just accruing astronomical hospital bills. Oh and have any of you bought medication lately? WTF? Every single one of the meds they put me on had a $50 deductible. When the neurologist gets pissed off at me for stopping my meds without telling her I'm going to A) tell her she should RETURN HER PHONE CALLS and B) tell her I couldn't afford the damn things. Need to feed my family damn it. And this is with insurance for god's sake. Just insane the cost of medicine now a days. Man the system is jacked.

Oh here's a quote from that CNN article linked above (I love quoting, hey at least I give credit!):

The current recession is one of the longest downturns since the Great Depression of the 1930's.

Ya think? Geez we so needed the newspaper to tell us that. Not. Dude where have these people been? Haven't the people of the US already known this? Didn't Greenspan tell us this would happen years ago when the housing boom went stupid insane and totally unrealistic? Yes darlings, yes he did. I am not in a great financial situation but I'm used to being poor. But we did make smart moves with the money we did have. At the end of the boom, when we were thoroughly disgusted with So Cal and the prices, we moved to Texas. And we took out our measely 401k (all of it) and the dh's inheritance from his grandmother and bought a practically priced house in a suburb of a city here in Texas. Yeah it was far away from the family but I don't like family anyway and the hubby could suck it up. He got a ccw so all was good in the world of hubbys. Texas may be a red state but we can legally own guns and shoot people here. Sweet.

So now, at the height of the recession (I hope?) we still have no money but that's the norm. Yet we have a house that (no lie) is going up in value, no money in the stock market (remember, I pulled my 401k to buy the house) and we both have jobs. We're poor but doing better than most. Hell better than some out of work white collar workers in better neighborhoods than ours. The dh has a suck ass job and is constantly trying to find a new one (impossible but we're still trying with all we can) but it's a job. We're surviving which is more than I can say of many.

So what do I have to say of this 'news'? Well I can't say I haven't been telling you so but I told ya so. And we are once again THANKFUL that we are where we are at. It could be worse, much worse. Here's to the US dragging it's fat ass out of this one, Obama has a shit load of work ahead of him. Bush just served him up a ton of crap on a platter, poor guy.


Anonymous said...

It is sort of "non news" but like you my husband and I are doing better than most! Hope things keep going good for you!

Froggacuda said...

Hey Michelle -- its Murdoch -- good to hear that you and family are doing well. Just dropping you a note that the Facebook crew has been mentioning you lately. Here's a public link to some photos that went up that should take you back...waaaay back:

Susie said...

I've been saying it for a long time too, and no one (at least no one in power) listened to me either. So how will we know when we're in a depression? A year after we're in it? Are we already in it?

The cost of meds is insane and it pisses me off.

B & I are doing fine for now, but my work is slow and my co-workers and I are all getting pretty nervous...