Tuesday, December 23, 2008

And they're here!

No not the boobs, and no they aren't mine either, it's a t-shirt for sale at our fav pub. Sorry I felt like putting a pic up and I liked this one best.

The mother in law and nephew (the sun in the little universe my daughter lives in) arrived last night. He was a surprise for her and she was very excited. We were going to go to dinner on the way home to my mil's fav burger place here but it turned out to be closed on Monday nights. Wassup with that? So we had to go with a back up plan, The Flying Saucer. If you are local to one I HIGHLY recommend the place. And I don't even drink. But the waitresses are all college age girls with super little mini school girl plaid skirts and knee high sock. Yeah I may not play for the other team but it doesn't mean I can't appreciate the t&a. Man and was it packed there too. Monday night and all, don't ask me why cause I do not know.

Anyway there were no open tables so we asked a lone guy who had a table and no one else with him if we could share and he was nice enough to be ok with the couple, grandmother, and 2 kids. The good news is he was smart enough to finish his beer and food before our little party started falling apart. The dh took the kids next door to the book store while we waited for the food, they are not the fastest with food there. Mostly because it's a pub, food is there but people mostly go for the beer. The dh and I are losers, he loves beer but we go for their french dip. It's served with a Guiness au jus that is just fabulous. We all love it and we ordered it for the kid too because it's her favorite.

Did I mention that the kid has had a runny nose for like 2 weeks? Hold on, that comes into play in a minute. School age kids during the holiday season, little disease infested monsters. Anyway as we were being served dinner the kid looks at us and says she's not feeling well. Er, ok kid what's wrong? It's at this point I should have known something bad was going to go down. The kid rarely says she's not feeling well while we're out. Certainly not while she's with her favorite person in the whole wide world. She can usually suck it up and ride the adrenaline high for hours. At that point she was looking rather peek-ed. Yeah not so hot. She starts on her sandwich, maybe takes a little bite and then comes over to talk to her daddy. At which point she proceeds to puke all over the floor of the pub. Probably the most non-alcoholic vomit that has ever hit that floor right? The guy who had sat next to us and had already left had a bowl of hot wings and his bowl was still at the table so I gave the dh it for her to puke in. She had already puked most all over the floor and so he proceeded to take her to the bathroom to clean up.

She came back to the table and sat, she was ok looking and still hungry so she ate some french fries and managed to make it through dinner. We drove to go pick up the dh's car afterwards (he picked me up at work and we left his car near the freeway) and by the time we stopped the kid was ready to puke again. She didn't have a fever and when she wasn't puking she seemed fine. The best we could figure is a combo of post nasal drip and the excitement had set her off. We got home and let her have a jello. She couldn't keep that down either poor thing. We put her to bed and she survived last night pretty well.

Today she only threw up once, when the dh fed her a hot dog. A hot dog? WTF was he thinking? Fat and grease combined with heavy food, lovely! Sure she can keep that down. Why not a fruit smoothie or something without grease? Good god you'd think he never had a puking kid on his hands. His mom was with him too, you'd think it'd occur to her. Obviously not. So this evening she was given a few pieces of potato and cooked squash and she's kept that down fine. I know she was hungry today but damn, a hot dog? Christ people please, like she needs to puke more.

Right now she has fallen asleep on the couch. I mean asleep and she is not one of those kids that can fall asleep anywhere. Anything and everything usually wakes this child. She has always been like that, even as an infant she needed complete and utter silence to sleep or she scream her head off wailing away. It was awful and no amount of training would get her to sleep through tv, phone ringing, and don't tell me about those kids that sleep to the vacuum. No way in hell. So I know she's not feeling good tonight, her daddy just carried her up to bed and she didn't wake. Normally that doesn't work. At all. And yet she sleeps on. She's obviously not feeling well. And for Christmas! With her cousin here! Poor girl. I hope she rebounds ok, fortunately she's pretty much ok during the day. As long as they don't feed her hot dogs or chitlins...


Stephanie said...

Dude, that sucks! Especially during the holidays! Hope she gets over it soon. Yeah, hotdogs... not so smart. I know that and I don't even have kids.

By the way, nice T&A comment. Totally made me laugh out loud.

Trailboss said...

Hot dogs? You have got to be kidding. Poor baby. I remember being sick on Christmas morning once when I was young. I puked in my mother's new cooking pan! Better that than the carpet in the 'formal' living room!