Friday, December 5, 2008

It's cold here

Not a winter wonderland mind you but the dogs are not liking this 50 degree region. This morning it was in the 30's and they had to have a foot planted up their butts to go outside. So this afternoon the dh found Roxy's pj's (Eilene made them for her last year) so I can cozy her up again. She doesn't like them but she's got to wear something, she's got bad creaky hips and the rest of her is just not liking the cold either. I am debating whether or not to get Corbie some pj's too, we put him out the other morning and his entire body was shuddering, it was pathetic. The thing is he would just as well potty in the house and that is so not going to happen. So he's going to have to suck it up until I get him pj's or a jacket. And what's the problem there? Well I haven't decided yet which one I'd like more and the pj's are custom made (damn thick frenchie necks mean standard ones don't fit them, at all) and the jackets are special order too. Hell I may not get the thing in until next winter at this rate.

So in the meantime I have pics of the bad bunnies trying to share couch time with momma. Notice the panic, white of the eyes look Corbie has on his face? We call that the "Help, psycho with a knife is going to eat me!" look. Or, "Psycho with a knife" for short. It's the look he gets when Jaynie comes up and tries to sit next to him. It doesn't happen often, very rare in fact. Jayne just doesn't share well so he usually opts not to include himself in the snuggle fests that happen on the couch. Again, why Corbie looks so panicked, he figures Jayne is just slyly trying to eat him without anyone noticing. Riiight, that red blanket they are laying on? That's me, no one is going to get et while on my lap.

And just look at this look on Jayne's face, he's trying really hard not to get in anyone's way. He's tucked all tiny like so as not to offend everyone's personal space issues. He's the only dog that we have who takes personal space seriously and we love him for it. Roxy has serious boundary issues and Corbin is like fuzzy birth control when we let him sleep in bed with us, will not detach from the side of the human next to him. Will. Not. Detach. Roxy is still trying to figure out a way of crawling up into the body cavity of whatever person she's standing next to. I swear someday we're going to have to extract her from someone's nostral.

She was a smart girl, she nabbed the chair next to us and got it all to herself. Corbie doesn't like this option as it does not come with human contact, he's our little french whore, people lover that he is. So it's usually Roxy or Jayne doing the mad rush for the chocolate chair. See the knick in her ear? Jayne tried to eat her last week, she fights back though and unlike Corbin I don't worry about these two going at it. All sound and fury no real action. It's some scary sound and fury though, the neighbors probably thing we're mental white trash with brawling pits in our back yard. Whatever, not like they're going to stick their heads over the fence to find out huh?

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Jamie said...

It's supposed to be a "balmy" 27 degrees today here in WI. I'd love to be where you are right would Ms. Laci too.