Wednesday, December 24, 2008


We managed to wrap presents last night. And when I say we I mean me and the mother in law. I don't know what the hubby was doing but he usually doesn't wrap the presents for Christmas. I distinctly remember one year where he went to bed on Christmas Eve and I stayed up for at least 2 more hours wrapping the damn presents. And he wonders why I hate this holiday so friggin much.

I'll have to say though, the tree looks much better with all the presents under it. And since we lagged so hard this year it'll only be for 36 hours before it gets all torn apart. We did open 1 present last night after the kids went to sleep. Yeah that's right, we opened one.

You see the mother in law is a fan of the Kathy Reichs books and when the Bones episodes started she was very disappointed because she thought the main character was all wrong. Well it turns out that's not what they were trying to do with the show, the main character in the show was not supposed to be the main character in the book, she was supposed to be Kathy Reichs, see the difference? Yeah well it took a bit of convincing to sway the mother in law but now she's hooked. Every time she comes to visit we stay up late and night and watch Bones episodes. So for Christmas she bought us the next box, season 3? Yeah season 3. And we went one night of her here with the kids up late so we didn't open the box then. But Christmas Eve eve, yeah we were all over it. She loves the stuff but her husband doesn't so the only time she gets to watch it is when she does the marathon sessions when visiting us. We figure we can watch the whole thing in the next 5 days. Yeah parental bonding time, new school.

Oh and the kid, she still isn't doing well. Hasn't puked yet but she slept for such a long time and has had so little to eat that she's weak. The hubby may take her to the pediatric urgent care if she doesn't do better after getting something in her stomach (no more hot dogs..). All the doctors offices are closed today so pediatric urgent care is our only option, I've never been there. Whatcha wanna bet it'll be packed today? I hope she feels better with something in her system.


shanna said...

Watered-down gatorade or pedialyte, pronto. Then BRAT diet. Kids tylenol if she's got a fever.

I(very personally) wouldn't take her to the UC unless she's still seriously tossing cookies and keeping absolutely nothing down, or if her temp gets real high- then you probably want to go.

This in no way constitutes medical advice, just a mommy-to-mommy suggestion, la la la...

MichelleSG said...

Oh yeah I know the BRAT diet. Hell so does my dh and mil but hey still gave her a hot dog to woof down. GAH they've both raised children, you'd think they'd know better. I told the dh to get some little bit of bland food in her and as long as she kept it down to not take her to the UC. She did fine all day so we're good (crossing fingers!).
Thank you!

Alanna said...

The tree ALWAYS looks better with the gifts underneath, but it takes more energy than it may seem to wrap them all! It must be lovely for those people that go to sleep, wake up, and find all of the work done! I have one of those in my house, too!