Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dude, Christmas

It's coming soon isn't it? I am still in denial and yet it will not go away. We have not put up a single light or ornament. Today I broke down and insisted we all go out and get the tree. I had been avoiding it because they cost so freaking much. We're going to throw it away in a month anyway, it kills me that we pay in excess of $70 every year for one. I'd go artificial but the dh wants the smell of real so I have yet to break his will of steel. Next year, we'll do it next year you watch.

So today I figured out why I put off tree shopping for so long, we went to Lowes and got an 8 foot Douglas fir for a whopping $36. Whoa dude are you serious? I guess being the last freaking family to go tree shopping has it's bennies. We got it home and realized that our tree stand was broken. I went back out and got a new one. It didn't work. Don't ask me why, the 4 screw in pegs that hold it centered and still in the base bowed when we got it in the tree stump securely and let the tree go. Yeah great. We had to use a part of the old broken base to stabilize the stump and screwed the new base pegs to hold the plastic of the old base. Sound retarded? Yeah we thought so too. We're leaving it up overnight and not putting any ornaments on it until we know it won't fall over by itself.

Maybe tomorrow we'll decorate the rest of the outside of the house too, we're seriously lagging behind the rest of the neighborhood. Actually I'm really proud of our hood this year, there are a ton of lights out! Wish us luck, I think we're going to need it. Gads I have to mail out all the mailable presents on Monday too. Hey the good news is I already bought them. Oh and I have finished most of my cards too. The only fun part of Christmas to me, making the cards.


Stephanie said...

Still haven't gotten our tree, either. We'll be getting it tomorrow. Hope they're not all dead yet.

Trailboss said...

I bought an artificial tree in 1992 and have used it every year since. I need to get a new one because they are so much prettier these days. I look every year after Christmas but they are still way too expensive. Maybe this year.