Friday, December 26, 2008

Ma, wassup with dat?

I'm pretty sure I psecifally ordured a single oc-q-pantsy cell. Who da cellie?

Ah the wonders of sharing one's space. The little man, Corbie, for some reason not only thinks he's top dog, but thinks he needs to live in poor Roxy's apartment. Actually that particular crate is the most popular crate going in our house. If Jayne wants to nap in a crate (which they all often do when we are home and the crate doors are left open) he also chooses Roxy's crate over the others. Well technically he can't fit in Corbin's. Of course I didn't think Roxy couldn't fit in Corb's either (he has the 18" crate) I mean she's a good 55 lbs and 36" at the shoulder, fitting her in would be impractical at best, an entertaining exercise in physics at worst. At one point she decided that she was going to defy the laws of physics (when we first set the wee crate up) and she went right in it. (?) Crazy dog, we were like OMG Roxy get out! And she didn't even lay down in it because she couldn't, her legs didn't have room to bend. Instead she turned around and came back out. And had I not been there to see it myself I would not have believed it. It was like watching one of those really cool magic tricks where you see it happening but you don't know exactly how the laws of physics were able to bend enough to let it happen. I mean she turned around in a box that was not only too small but too short to technically accommodate her size. Really I can probably calculate the area inside the crate and if it's larger than the area she occupies I'd be very surprised. Taking into consideration her knees, elbows and tail nub though, I still don't see how she did it.

I can, however, tell you why. You see, it may not seem like it but she is the head bitch of the dogs. She doesn't play with any of the dog toys but dang it all if Jaynie (the toy nut) isn't playing with some odd toy or another and she will steal it right out of his mouth and play with it right in front of him. He'll stand and stare at her and wait for her to be done with it. Which she never will be as long as he's waiting for it. Otherwise she'll just drop it and walk away. If he's staring though, forget it, she'll play forever. Total B-I-T-C-H. So the crate was just an extension of this, all the dogs were watching us set it up (it took what, 15 seconds?) and as soon as it was up it was hers. Beeoootch. And a dumb one at that. Little itty bitty 18" crate was not meant for a full grown boxer.

Since then though, Corbie has grown into a bad case of little man's syndrome and likes to push Roxy around. And she totally ignores him. She should kick his ass but it doesn't seem to be worth her effort I suppose. I really wish she would though because he hangs off of her face skin like a rock climber that only uses his teeth. Someday he's going to end up piercing her jowls, the brat. Oddly though whenever she lays down to take a nap somewhere (which is often) be it in the little wee little round dog bed, her crate, upstairs on the carpet, he will always always always choose to go sleep on her. Not near her, or even next to her. No he has to be on her, like he's stealing her heat. I think he was weaned too young. It's kinda justice anyway, Roxy has boundary issues, girlfriend will stick to you or pound you with her muzzle until you allow her to take over your lap and try inserting her head up your nostrils. It's about as annoying to us as he is to her.


Train Wreck said...

Oh Why you gotta go and post pictures like that!? I was at a stand still about wanting another dog! My JRT is in heat at the moment! I know, I waited to long to spay her. Don't worry soon as she is done she will have an appt! LOVE your Frenchie! Too adorable! Argh, I must not look at the cuteness... Hope you had a great Christmas!

MichelleSG said...

Oh good lord woman, always spay or neuter at 6 months of age, don't ever wait longer than that! The cuteness is great, everyone should have their own little french whore. These dogs want to stick to your side and love love love. And when we aren't available he sticks to poor Roxy!