Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's a winter wonderland!

Well not here, San Antonio was 77 degrees yesterday and even though it was in the 40's overnight it'll still be like 72 degrees today. Yeah I'm a sunbelter but I've lived in snow before. 6 years in Maryland, yeah they don't do snow well out there They don't believe it snows there so they aren't set up for it. Driving with insufficient snow plow-age and/or salt just bites.

But anyway! I got an IM this morning form Eilene, my foster application reviewer in charge lady. She's in Colorado and they were supposed to get a 'skif' of snow. Of course I had to ask what a skif was, sunbelter that I am. A skif is more than a dusting and less than an inch. She had 8 inches by morning and it's still snowing. So, of course, I asked for pictures! She wouldn't go out in it, she had already had to go out this morning and feed the horses and cows. So I told her to take a few shots from her window, I wanted to see the snow! And the wonderful woman that she is, she obliged. God I love the look of snow. If I didn't have to drive in it I'd love to live in a snow belt place. My dream, a B&B with horses (or large lawn ornaments as those of us that are non-riders call them) and a candy store/chocolate making place attached. I have a gf that wants to so I'm voting for it. As soon as we make a spare million so we can buy it we're all over it. Don't tell the hubby, he doesn't know the master plan yet. He and the kid are dying to live in the snow though so I doubt he'd balk.

So now I have winter wonderland pictures to share with you! Alright they aren't mine but they're pretty! Plus those of you in the sunbelt can do the same and live in the snow vicariously through Eilene's pictures. Right now I think that's all the cold I can handle anyway!

This is Shay, she's one of Eilene's fosters (she has a total of 7 dogs right now, including her own). Shay does what I do when it snows, she's my kinda dog! She's on the available page at FBRN, we are looking for her forever home but it's going to be a long time coming because she's a medical case. She doesn't need any real special care but her bio reads like a mess so people usually are shy about adopting dogs like her. Which is a tragedy, she's an AWESOME dog, sweetest thing ever. She's had a very rough life, her first foster mom is a person I don't like and she ended up being shucked off by her onto Eilene. Which, in retrospect, was a blessing. Eilene has fixed her up a gotten her ready to go, now all she needs is that one magic application to come in!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics! I love the snow too! Living in Oklahoma we don't get a ton of it but when we do I embrace it! And I hope little Shay finds a home!