Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"If you don't like the weather in San Antonio, just hang around a spell."

Just hours after San Antonio basked in a record high of 85 degrees Tuesday, snow and sleet began falling from the sky north of San Antonio.

and the more technical official sounding jargon...

Moisture in the form of an upper-level low-pressure system came through behind a cold front that dropped temperatures from the upper 80s Tuesday afternoon to the low 30s Wednesday morning.

So yeah around these here parts we can go from a/c to heat within a few hours. It amazes me that plants survive this kind of abuse. We didn't get any snow of real proportions, only a dusting really. When the hubby got up at 2:45 am he got ready and right before he left he got me up to show me that it had started, exactly as predicted by the weather people. Nothing like the So Cal forecasters who can't predict 70 and sunny every day to save their lives. And no, I did not let him wake the kid to watch snow fall, she'd have stayed up all night.

By morning the snow had stopped and most had melted. Only those who had cars parked outside had snow still on them. And the roofs of houses still had dustings. Really if I were to live in a place that snowed this is all I'd need. No adverse affects for traffic issues. The hubby and I are a rarity in our neighborhood, we keep both our cars in the garage. For whatever reason all new homes in San Antonio have 2 car garages that weren't really made to fit 2 cars into. We can do it but not all doors can open and it's a damn good thing we're skinny because the doors that can open can only open like 8" and you have to squeeze in. The garages can comfortably fit 1 car in them and a bunch of junk but most people just fill them to the brim with junk and park both cars in the driveway. For whatever reason the dh and I are really into parking our cars int he garage, it's a luxury we've never had before and we intend to use it and not gather any more junk than we absolutely have to.

I do have pics, they are just at home on the camera, I was running late this morning! As per usual, the kid's teacher probably doesn't like me anymore. She's been on the brink of late all week and today was just straight up LATE.


Trailboss said...

I don't understand why ppl don't use their garage for the vehicles. I would kill for one. I hate to go up the hill to start the car at 6am and there is 1/2" of ice/snow on it. Grrrrrr.

MichelleSG said...

Texas, they don't make much sense to me wither. I think it's also a junk thing, people just do not throw out what they need to. My neighbor decided one day he and his son would clean out their garage. Emptied the entire thing then proceeded to put everything back in. Why? I really don't know but it was amusing!

Susie said...

I will always park in my garage, so long as I have one! I think not being able to park in your garage (assuming it's big enough to fit the vehicle) is a sure sign that you own too much stuff. Less stuff already, people! My dh has to park outside b/c his truck is like one inch too long to fit inside though. Oh well.

We got quite a bit of sleet/freezing rain, no actual snow I don't think. It was mostly gone this morning except on the roofs and our deck, places like that. I agree with you that this amount is plenty. A little wintery looking but not enough to cause traffic problems. It's the ice storms that I hate. Even experienced yankee drivers can't drive well on a two inch thick sheet of ice, we natives have no chance!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Oklahoma...and people don't use garages for garages here either. It's just another storage closet! It drives my hubby crazy!

Jamie said...

How much snow did you get? We got close to 9" in a little over two days...Enough that when the dog has to go out it becomes a "personal challenge" cause she's got little legs and there's a lot of snow...even in the area we cleared out for her.