Sunday, December 21, 2008

Saturday and the insanity that is the season

Our Saturday was scheduled to be busy so at least we had fair warning. Still, I don't like busy days on my weekends, they are supposed to be a time of rest! Damned holiday season. We had a birthday party to go to a 2pm, our friend's kids birthdays are on Dec 25th and 27th (and her anniversary is on the 30th, wouldn't that suck?) so she had their combined party on the 20th. They had a blow up jumpy in the backyard and then a magician for like an hour. The magician was very cool, he played perfect to the age group and I know for a fact that he does shows just for adults so the man has talent. I am not even into the magic stuff and I still thought he was very nifty. Needless to say the kids were delighted. We love our friends that threw this party (it's the doctor neighbor that the dh called when I had my aneurysm) so we were able to hang and enjoy ourselves for quite some time. Like 5 hours. Didn't regret it but we had to go to my work party that night too and it started at 7pm.

So regretfully we shut the party down (as usual we were the last to leave) along with Angie and mosied or way back home. Of course we had to get ready, drive and drop off the kid all the way at my mom's house. It's only 7 miles away but is in a part of town that is a raging pain in the ass to get to, takes like 20 minutes to get there. I hate driving there. So we got ourselves dressed up, dropped of the kid and started the drive to the party.

I had to give the hubby a quick warning of what he was to expect. I work at a doctors office, what most people expect from their health care providers are a bunch of people that are, for the most part, educated. White collar even? Not a very accurate description of the reality of the matter. There is a distinct line of people, the doctors, nurses, and PA's have college degrees. Some of the med techs do and, of course, the obscure person like me does too. I don't really count though since I am a white elephant.

Do you know however, about the rest of the workers in the office? The phlebotomists, triage (those people on the phones that make sure you get seen in an emergency), billing/business office, they compromise like 50% of the office. And for the the most part are just barely high school graduates. Just barely. Many of ours are latina, products of teen pregnancy, have had their own teen pregnancy and are now dealing with their own teens having babies. Does that give you an idea of the people at this party? OK picture this, short latina woman in their late 30's, 40's, and 50's each carrying about 50% more weight on themselves than they should be, and wearing tight short spandex red or green dresses and sporting BIG hair to match their asses. The hubby went to high school at San Diego High, downtown so he saw a lot of these type women when they were younger. That high school had it's own day care in it so these women could at least graduate high school. I just don't think he's seen them since they grew up, got a job, gained even more weight, and continued to squeeze it into that same spandex dress from high school. Yeah we like to say if you haven't got diabetes before you came to DGD then you will once you work here. These women are BIG and just getting bigger. We have job security just in the fact that all the women working there are going to be diabetic sooner rather than later.

So we get there and all I can say is See? I told ya! Because sure enough there were at least 50-60 fashion faux pas to end all faux pas. It was SCARY. Those of them that had some class (and there weren't a lot of use) were dressed pretty conservative. It was in the 30's out that night, no way in hell I was even going to wear a dress much less a skimpy one. I had on black velvet pants, black and red blouse and a leather jacket that I wore most of the night because it was cold. The good news is that the theme of the party was a casino night. OK I am not a gambler but the only reason we went is because they had kick ass door prizes and casino games (no money involved in the games, each person got a 1000 chip to play with). No we didn't win any door prizes which is a shame but I did play my fav game, craps.

Now here's something I probably haven't told ya'll, I LOVE math. It's a beautiful art form and for those of you who have never seen the art in math you probably never got to high level math because once you get into the theoretical math it is all an art form. Just beautiful and all your years of math finally come together. I find it sad that most people (like 99% of the population) will never see this in numbers but I suppose not everyone sees the same beauty in numbers that geeks like me but I don't like Picasso art either and most people love him. Everyone has different tastes, it's what makes the world just that much more beautiful.

Cards and gambling games are nothing but math and can be really fun and stimulating for my wee little brain. I learned to play poker from a group of guys that were pretty proficient. One was a professional dealer, another played in the World Poker game. The rest of them were guys that got together on a regular basis to play. Yup, I went straight to the big time to learn. The first game I played with them I was one of the last 2 people in after about 4 hours of playing. Not bad for a first timer! I loved those games but we played with money so I only want a few times. I like the game, I don't like gambling. See the difference?

Yeah well this game night party was exactly how I liked to play. Although I didn't play poker, my game of choice is craps. I've been to Vegas before (not to gamble but because we have friends with parents that live there) and I love the energy that comes off of the craps table. It's really hard to play at tables there though, there's normally no space. Might I also say that learning how to play craps by watching is insanely difficult but every dealer I have seen has always been wonderful and explained he process to anyone and everyone who had the need. It's common for a craps dealer, it's not a very intuitive game. Like have you ever seen anyone play cribbage? Don't even think you can figure out that game by watching. Again, it's a game I just love to play but it's just this side of impossible to find another person who can play it.

So last night I played craps and my dh was a doll, he doesn't like gambling either so he just watched as I became totally engrossed in game after game of craps. I managed to lose all of my own 1000 in about an hour. Of course my darling dear willingly gave up his chip to me and I kept on going until they closed up shop at 11pm. I had 500 by then and the dh took it over to the roulette table and bet on black. He doubled it immediately and so we ended the night with him breaking even regardless of the fact that his wifey lost half of his in her ocd gambling habit...good thing I don't bet money huh? But it wasn't all my fault, we had the crapiest shooters at the table. Including myself of course. I had one moderately good run but really there was only 1 or 2 good shooters and sadly they didn't stay at the table long. If it were Vegas that table would have been empty.

All in all it was a good night but the hubby was tuckered out after humoring his wife. We slept in until 10am Sunday morning. Unheard of for the hubby although I think sleeping should be an Olympic sport. And I would have several gold medals...

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