Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Where to draw the line, and other Christmas musings

I'm not so sure I like the whole Santa fantasy anymore. I wasn't grooving to hard on it from the get go. Mind you my parents never kept the fantasy alive for long, stellar parents that they were, gotta love those hippie parents, not. Because of this I have put out the effort for my child, even though it takes a lot of verbal dancing, I figured I wouldn't ruin it for her. But now, at the ripe old age of 7, she's sure that without one little doubt, Santa will get her exactly what she wants from him for Christmas. She, like every upper middle class child in our neighborhood (ok, some are waaaay upper more like wealthy not even middle class) has never had a lean year. No they have no idea what it's like to be poor or without. I think a year or two living off the land at some farm out in the middle of nowhere might do these children some good. She wouldn't roll over and die but I know for a foregone fact that many of her classmates would. Oh man if I had some of those spoiled overindulged brats for kids they'd be suffering in my home. Sometimes I wonder if my own child will survive my iron fisted rule but she troopers on.

The Christmas present thing though, my God she is lucky that Lakeshore Learning Store had what she wanted from Santa for a reasonable price because I tell you what, microscopes don't come cheap. We tried showing her one in Target, one of the kid ones in the toy section. She gave it a glance and said "No, I want a grown up real microscope" in her holier than thou tone that denotes that she is no longer a child and will not accept anything less than what mommy has access to at her job. In a lab. For real scientists. She will accept nothing less. WTF? All right people, where do we get off teaching our children these things? Going and shooting ourselves in the foot I swear. So there you have it, the beginning of our end. Now she wants what from us? A lab bench, no friggin lie, to go in her bedroom. Ye GODS what am I going to do for that you ask? Hell if I know, they don't make lab benches for 7 yr olds. Did I tell you the microscope set came with a scalpel? Yeah totally what I want to have floating around her room right?

I think what I'm going to try and do is go to Home Depot or Lowes and see what they have for short cabinets, like for closets or bathrooms, and then a pre-made counter top/butcher block. It's the height that's going to be an issue. Fortunately lab benches are meant to be stood at, not to have a chair in front of and sit at. But lets face it, that's not going to be some inexpensive Barbie doll purchase. She's lucky that she's got my mother in law buying her boatloads of fluff because let me tell you, after setting her up with a friking laboratory in her bedroom there's not going to be a hella lot of other stuff coming from mom, dad, and Santa this year. Hello recession babe, Santa's expenses have gone up this year, do you know what a bale of hay is going for? Yeah it's bad and the dogs, I mean reindeer are going on half feed for the season. Lordy the kid dragged me to the pet store for the dogs' Christmas presents too last weekend. OK I was not budgeting for the fuzzy brats this year so we did not get them all that she wanted to get them. Fortunately she was busy looking at fish so she really didn't notice but geez girl, more presents? Your mother is a Scrooge and doesn't like the season in the first place, the poverty that's flowing freely has not made her warm to the season any at all. We haven't even bought the Christmas tree yet and that is probably the only part of the season I do like.

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