Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cookies, nostalgic thanks, egg nog, and oh the kid is feeling better

...and we are waiting to get them TO BED, it's nine friggin thirty. And we want to watch our Bones and get the rest of the stocking stuffers wrapped. Ah the plight of parents on Christmas Eve.

I made cookies this evening, Mexican Wedding Cake cookies aka Italian Wedding Cake aka Russian Tea cookies. I was planning on making P Dub's chocolate candy cane cookies, they look insanely tasty. But my mood changed, as it tends to do, I blame it on estrogen. I also used all of the butter making the Mexican Wedding Cake cookies so I couldn't very well make them along with the others. Especially since it was 8:30 on Christmas Eve, no stores open tonight!

I did have an interesting moment while making the cookies, kind of a late Thanksgiving moment but ya'll know me, I am not into the classic holiday things on time so it didn't surprise me any. It was a 'thankful I am here and able to listen to my family play cards and harass each other on Christmas Eve this year' kind of moment. This time last year, as my long term readers probably know, I was just home from the rehab hospital and feeling only a tad bit slow. Emergency brain surgery will do that to ya. We had crammed in all of the holiday preparations into 2 weeks prior to Christmas, shopping for the tree when I had a weekend furlough from the rehab hospital. I was able to make (yes, by hand) all of my Christmas cards and address them and mail them before the 20th, only having been home for a week. Our friends had been helping out my family with food and the like while I was in the hospital and when I got back they randomly showed up to see how we were. At one point they all gathered together to surprise us with Christmas carols and gift cards which helped us immensely to get through the holiday and buy presents for the kid. There really is nothing quite like the love of our neighbors, they are the most stellar people in the entire world. Worth 10 times their weight in platinum.

And I got all thankful for this while I was making cookies. There really is no telling when a woman gets emotional now is there? Maybe it was because today the dh made his renowned egg nog, the good stuff, eggs, brandy, rum, heavy cream, the whole nine. I don't touch the stuff, I hate the taste of alcohol but those that do love it. So we went next door to deliver a bottle of it to the neighbors, they are the sweetest people, and stayed and hung out for a bit. Their youngest son is having some problems and had just been released from the hospital himself. They have 2 extremely nice teen boys and it makes us sad that the younger one is having problems. I wish we could do something to help but I think the sight of him being home and doing all right reminded me of where I was at last year. He's medicated right now and you can kinda tell, I mean if you have known him for a bit he seems groggy. Again, kinda like where I was at last year. Remind me whenever the doctors think they want to put me back on depressants the answer is hell the fook NO. I have an appointment on the 4th to go back to the neurologist, she doesn't know I weaned myself off my meds and I know she's going to have a hissy fit. Like I care, she should have returned my phone calls.

Anyway, making cookies made me thankful for where I am at today, rough economy and all. Even with the mother in law visiting. Hey normally I'd be bitchy about it and this time I made a point of telling the hubby that I was excited about her coming! He thought his wife had been abducted by aliens I'm sure. I love her but she kinda takes over, you know the type? Yeah and you know me, I'm a bit too dominant myself and I really prefer my child thinks I'm the mom and my husband remembers that keeping me happy should be a priority. It was a serious point of contention back when we lived in San Diego so I'm still a bit sensitive about it. Yup I'm one of those bad daughter in laws that doesn't like not having her toes stepped on. Fancy that! But I was excited about her coming this time. This time I was with it enough to clean the house. I know, I know, I should be cleaning the house normally but ya know, 2 working parents, a kid who has to level in her next reading level in 3 weeks, a hubby that has stupid work hours. Dude, the house looks like hell normally and we're too tired to care. Also the mil was bringing dd's cousin, the light of the dd's life, the sun in her little universe, as a surprise. I was so excited that her holiday was going to be made this year after my brain almost ruined it last year. Yeah, I had reason to be happy about the coming of my mother in law. Plus she's been cooking like crazy lately and it's good. Not everything she makes is a favorite of mine but I've been really loving not going out and getting food like we do more often than I like. Making dinner takes a bit of time, as does shopping for the ingredients. There are just not enough hours in the days sometimes.

Going to sleep on Christmas Eve in a thankful kinda way, may all of your Christmases be a happy happy day!

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