Saturday, August 16, 2008

Certified GEEK household, the lot of us

Oh yeah, I know the dh and I are, no big, knew this from the get go. I learned how to read because my dad took me to the comic book stores with him from the age of 4. I had my own comic book subscription at the age of 8 (Elfquest) and I have a degree in chemistry. Yeah, I earned the certification. The dh and I hooked up though meeting often at Dungeon and Dragons games, do you get the gist? He's way worse than I am, I won't even bother going into the details of his dorkness, he owns a kilt and has the audacity to wear it in Texas, need I say more? What I didn't realize is the level to which it had spilt over onto the kid. She got a call from her friend today to find out what teacher she had got for 1st grade this year. DD began to tell her about the Star Wars Clone Wars movie that her daddy had taken her to yesterday. Now I realize that my dd is a prattler, she will talk forever and not shut up. She needs no topic, she will talk about nothing at all and drive a person insane. She had a kid she spent some time with over he summer and he started to pinch her and leave bruises because he just couldn't take it any more. Not that I condone such behavior but I really can understand where he came from, it can drive a person to homicide. It's bad. Anyway she she was going on about this movie that her girlfriend probably had no interest in whatsoever. She then decides that she needs to go into detail. Great detail. So she gets into her daddy's books. As in Star Wars Role Playing Game Ultimate Alien Anthology. Note 1) She knows where it is (this is saying something, daddy has like minimum 50 gaming books spread all over the house 2)She knows what she is looking for in the book and 3) she knows that it exists in this particular book and 4) she doesn't know how to read yet so she has to get me to read the alien names but hey, they aren't exactly in English (alien remember?) so I can cut the girl some slack on this one. Now all this time she's flipping through the book her poor gf is waiting on the other end of the line and all I can think of is when you're on message boards and people are posting saying "This thread is useless without PICTURES" you know what I'm talking about? There is a 6 yr old girl on the other end of the line here and my dd is describing Star Wars alien clones with out actually describing what they look like. Not even what the story line was. I took pity on her and told the dd to invite her friend over to play tomorrow and show her pictures and that her friend probably had to go. So the poor thing was released from what was probably the most dull phone conversation of her entire short life thus far and will probably forever more pass the phone to her older dorky brother (who happens to love Star Wars Clone Wars) every time my dd gets on the phone. Which, oddly, my dd probably won't mind. Strange how that works isn't it?

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