Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We got rid of the Mustang

Thank God. We hated that thing. For the record it was it was an 05 Mustang, (yes the new style), 5 speed, we paid it off and really hated it. Bought it new, and it had died within the first 24 hours of us buying it. It sat for no less than 6 weeks in the shop while they waited for parts and we drove a pos Chevy Cavalier rental (oh damn that thing sucked) supplied by the Ford dealership. Within 2 months of us getting it back some guy destroyed the front end of that Mustang as the dh drove through a green light, the guy decided he was going to make a left turn in front of him. Did a good $15k worth of damage, the insurance should have technically totalled the car but that didn't really come to light until we had to take it back to the body shop the third of fourth time. Starting to get why we hate this car? It never was quite right again, really, how could it be? Anyway that's why the Mustang had such loooow milage, it was always in the shop, we never got the chance to drive the damn thing. And given the choice we'd rather drive the other car (automatic) anyway, sticks are great for teens but we're in our 30's and lazy, screw that whole stick shift thing. Plus hey, I'm 5'1" and that car is made for tall people, I can barely see over the steering wheel much less reach the damn pedals and don't even talk to me about engaging the damn clutch. Damn suicide machine for me. And yes I can drive a stick, who do you think taught the dh how to drive a stick when he was 16? In the San Diego Zoo parking lot thank you very much. I do not take credit for his psycho driving though, that's all his mom's fault. One trip with his mom driving is all it takes for a person to figure that one out.
Regardless we knew after this job of his with the stupid 168 mile round trip commute that the ever so gas efficient and fun to drive stick shift that the Mustang was not the most practical of cars. It is payed off though so we also were not looking to incur another car payment so what we wanted was some beater gas efficient car that we could do an even swap with that would last us long enough (at least a year) so the dh could find another job and if we needed to, get him another car or keep this one and still be practical. We looked at a Mazda 3 but they were too expensive (wow I did not know they were just under $20k, when the hell did that happen) so we went out looking at some used Hondas. Don't even think about mentioning American cars to me when I am talking used/reliable/and gas efficient all in the same sentence, I'm obviously going Japanese here people. So Honda it was. We ended up with an older Honda Accord (the special edition model in this write up) with many more miles on it than the Mustang. Strangely it doesn't even bother me in the slightest. It cost us $6400 and we will be getting a check in the mail for the difference in the trade in value of the Mustang. Not much but it'll pay a few bills this month and lord forbid if anything needs to be done on the car. Hey, I'm just being paranoid, shit happens right?
And the Mustang? Good riddance. Not even the kid misses that car and she always misses the cars we trade in. Always! Bye bye horsey car!


m0to said...

Congrats! Now you'll have a new car to hate :-D

MichelleSG said...

Not! I don't think we've hated any of our other cars. Oh no wait we hated the Jeep Wrangler but the front electrical panel didn't work. Randomly. And it was brand new. And the dealership didn't believe us. knew that dealership Jas, those were the guys that Nae had such a problem with, remember them?

Death before Decaf! said...

Carl Burger Dodge

MichelleSG said...

Yes, them, evil bastages