Saturday, August 9, 2008

We're going to change the way you stamp!

Boy howdy you just don't even know...
No really, you don't. The couple that created Unity Stamps knew exactly what they were doing, they originally started out by making the full wood mounts for wood mounted rubber stamping companies. They knew there was a ton of wood waste going on and don't even talk to me about the storage issues so they came up with a whole new system to use with red rubber stamps and a sort of wood mount on acrylic block system. Yeah it sounds odd but it's beyond perfect. Really. Beyond. Yeah, change the way I stamp, understatement of the century. It's great, they make it so the red rubber stamps are unmounted but kind of mounted. They can be mounted but are not so they are easily stored in a variety of ways without taking up and ungodly quantity of space. Plus you don't have to go out and order a bunch of EZ Mount like I did when buying Bella Stamps. Which I do love but it's all just one style of stamp.
I never thought I'd be into stamping. I started out as a scrapbooker. Never wanted to get anywhere near stamping. I had friends that were stampers (see the link over there in my list, labeled Ponine, she's presently the bento box fiend). I've seen the stash, that took over drawers and drawers of storage because of the sheer volume alone I did not want to get near the stamping obsession. And the price of shipping, no way! So my first toe into the stamping world was at the Scrapbook Expo. I was introduced to Technique Tuesday, a fabulous clear acrylic high quality very nice stamp company that avoided my whole wood mounted stamp phobia. They were very pretty too. Unfortunately they were are also very expensive. Um and did I also mention that acrylics have their own issues? Yeah they don't image well. Now mind you out of all the acrylic stamps out there TT probably images the absolute best and their inks work the best with acrylics but almost no store carries them and again, very expensive. So I was still left with the fact that I love the storage of acrylics but the lack of a clean crisp image that I love of a red rubber stamp. In comes unmounted rubber. Love it but it's unmounted. OK, EZ mount it and I'm happy! Not perfect but still happy. Really, red wood mounted rubber gives the best, cleanest images and that's just all there is to it. They just suck to store and are too expensive to buy and ship. Alright then what's the answer? Well until Unity arrived there wasn't one.
I was introduced to Stampin Up mid 2007 and I liked them fine, bought a few used stamps sets because I just could not stand the prices and shipping. Eventually I bought a few of the less expensive sets and a few other little odds and ends. Enough to stay in the group but really not a big SU follower. Quality stuff, just too expensive and who has the storage space?! I became a member of Split Coast Stampers so I could buy used SU stamp sets that have retired and check out the gallery to see what people have made with sets. The problem was that they are the worst enablers in the entire world over there! I'd see a thousand things over there that I just had to have! So I figured out how to avoid the whole problem of being enabled but still being able to have fun on the forums. I only go over to the Unity subsection of SCS. Isn't that horrible, when I am so into a hobby that I can't even stand going over and seeing the bazillion things that I just cannot buy because I haven't even been able to even get to the stuff I already own. What I really need to do is just organize all the stuff I already have. I practically already own a scrapbooking store if I just looked! Ugh, time, all I need to do is find the time and be left alone in my own little space. Not going to happen is it?

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