Friday, August 15, 2008

Feeling pretty good this morning

Probably for no particular reason other than the fact that I can feel like me a little bit again. Yeah, I know, it's Friday but my dh is working all weekend and I have to clean the friggin house by myself (well, with a 6 yr old too, ick) in preparation for the mil coming next week. So no, the impending weekend does not make me happy. Other than that I am in a peppy mood. I do not have the usual drag and doom gloom hanging over my head that I usually have. Must be the med level going down. That didn't take long. Good thing too or you'd guy would have been recognizing my face on the front page of CNN. My dh is a gun buff, we've got lotsa ammo too. And not enough gun safes. The ammo is kept totally separate from the guns you paranoid parents but I know where enough is at to cause damage. This is Texas and we've got castle laws here, I'm legally allowed to kill people walking on my scorched lawn if I so desire. This ain't California, we have a fast lane for our Death Row in these here parts. Hehehe. Stupid hippies. If ya'll had to spend an evening hanging out in the So Cal town I was raised in you'd understand the animosity I harbor for it. People from San Diego hear that I'm from Ocean Beach and they say "WHAT?" only because they are astonished that adults had the audacity to raise a child there. It's not known for it's nurturing atmosphere, more like it's all engulfing pot cloud. And we wonder why my brain had a birth defect...really now.
Just the kind of person that ya'll want access to guns with lotsa ammo to huh? Well that's what America was created for. Fully medicated and totally armed people. You don't like it move to Australia. I think most of the unmedicated freaky people already live there anyway, go on! Git! See, I'm doing much better, feeling totally great. Oh! I totally forgot to mention I went to see a regular plain old GP doctor yesterday too for my weird ear problem. Turns out my Eustachian tubes aren't draining. Haven't been for months. And they haven't gotten infected. Huh, lucky me. I would have expected them to rot out or something knowing my health luck at this point. I mean hell my brain exploded at age 34, why did my Eustachian tubes hold out liquid filled for 3 months and not have some sort of hissy fit? Eh well I won't kick that gift horse in the mouth. So normally the doc would give a steroid shot and steroid nasal spray but she didn't want add to my already fun cocktail of meds I was on so we went with just the steroid nasal spray. I could pop my ears within an hour of using the spray. I haven't been able to do that for like 2 months. It felt odd. But better. See, I told you I'm feeling better!
Nothing like getting off of mood meds and onto steroids to make a woman happy.

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Kimberly said...

so glad that you are feeling a little relief and so soon!! dont need you getting into your ammo supply...