Thursday, August 14, 2008


I can do it...sometimes. OK I am better at it than most. Not as good as others, better than most men. Not so good in the mornings and terrible while walking so I'll usually stop walking so as not to embarrass myself, because I know I will. This morning I exited my car to walk to my building, gathered my things and looked down at my phone. Oh crap, 2 missed phone calls and a txt from last night. Fook fook fook. I hate that. I keep my phone in my purse at home so if you try and get a hold of me while I'm at home by my cell bets have it I won't answer. Sad but true. I can't hear it in my house, the purse is a Harvey's seat belt bag, it's a small cute little thing but the seat belts are real seat belts and thick ie very sound insulative! So yeah, I missed it, my bad. Sooo, I'm walking, or stumbling rather, down the road towards my building and trying to txt my friend in SD (6am her time so I don't expect and answer). Lo and behold an answer comes popping back. She, unlike me, actually gets up early enough to prepare herself for work. I really just stumble out of bed bust into and out of the shower, clothe myself, and stumble right on into the car. Yeah just be happy you're not in the way of my morning commute.
So I get an answer and must stop now and continue typing and now now think. I am sure to get hit by a car walking to work because damn San Antonio drivers can't drive worth a shit and is it just me or are 95% of all nurses phillipinos? Not a one of which can drive worth a damn. Scary people who should never ever be allowed behind a wheel. Ever. But that's ok because I was here and the drama was...there. And all I had to was step out of the road and type and the drama was still there and I? I was still here. In the heat. And not, not in the drama. Yup, I may be 1500 miles away from my friends that I do dearly love but I am also 1500 miles away from the friends that I would kick the fat asses of if I were that close to. His, not hers, just to be clear there. And the good news? I didn't fall flat on my face and was still able to semi-coherently txt back. Semi. Kinda. Well she knew what I was talking about and that's all that mattered. My day is complete. I'd like to go home now. Thanks bye! Do you think they'd notice? Sadly I don't think so. No love I'm telling you! No love!


AnnaM said...

The "SHE" in question was scared right into heart palpitations when she heard her phone alert at 6am.

At that moment there was nothing to do except answer!

I least I know why you didnt answer when I called last night.

MichelleSG said...

Lordy woman turn the phone off when you go to bed! As long as the kid is at your own home you don't need your cell phone on.