Thursday, August 21, 2008

I can't feel my hands

It's one of those side affects of the Topamax. I may be able to shed this last med soon though, seems as though that migraine thing may not be a brain surgery side affect, may be instead due to the fact that my damn right Eustacian tube hasn't drained in oh, 3 months or so. Um, this body is defective, I need to trade it in for a new one. Can some one please tell me where the store is to do that? I'm sure Steve Jobs has figured that one out and patented it it by now, or maybe Gates, yeah? If not those boobs need to get back to it because they're laggin and seriously missing the boat.

Anyway I have a few shouts to put out there for the last few days. First and foremost to my friend Kim for taking the dd into her brood. Jon and Kate plus 8 got nothing on her. Since it's the last week before school starts it seems as though everyone has run out of day care, everyone is scrambling to get things done and she's the last at home mom left available to take care of kids. She's got 4 of her own (see the blog in my blog roll labeled Kimmie) so at any given moment this past week she's had 10+ kids at her home ranging from ages 2 to the occasional teen but mostly around age 5. Yeah you try that on your own and see how long you last. Not long? Yeah that's what I thought. So while you sit at whatever job you are at and think about how you'd love to be somewhere else you just think about Kim and suck it up and think about how you could be her little helper and say a little prayer for her and how it's a good thing you don't see her on today's front page of CNN yeah? Yeah.
So props out to you girl and thanks for taking care of my kid this week so she would continue to speak English and I didn't have to keep her with my mom. God don't get me started on that women.

Oh and for prop #2, and he's just going to be floored by this one cause he just never gets any props from me, this one goes out to the hubby. The mil is coming today. I am usually good about cleaning house when she comes out. We, like most full time working parents, are not good house keepers. We just aren't. I could probably come up with a thousand great excuses but I won't bore you with them since you could probably come up with the same ones too. They all result in the same thing, a messy unkept home of 2 adults, one kid and 3 dogs. Real world, real life, whatever. The addition of meds that make me not give a rats ass just make it so that the mil coming out makes me not even care to bother cleaning. Normally I'd at least get a burst of energy the day before but not this time. I have not gathered the motivation at all. None, nothing. No guilt. Now that's saying something. When my OCD's being affected, yeah, it's bad. So the dh has taken it upon himself to take care of the house himself. He took the day off today, thankfully since he's worked ot for the past 2 weekends and we've been left to own own devices and it's been bad, so that he can get the house in order today and pick his mom up from the airport. Which is good so that I don't have to take the hours off from work. So he deserves some credit for trying to make a decent presentation for his mother's visit. Props out to you babe.

I took a vacation day tomorrow so that we can have a family day and take care of the ungodly amount of stuff that we need to take care of. The back door, apparently , was installed incorrectly, so the builder has an "Extraction and Installation" scheduled for tomorrow. Doesn't that sound like a really bad medical procedure? Oh yeah and there's the dog's vet visit because that ear is not getting any better, definite yeast ear infection. Yup, needs meds and us to have the time to have to take her in. We are such bad doggie parents.

Those damn dogs have been driving me insane. The neighbors think I'm nuts. The dogs get put outside to go potty in the mornings and they won't. They stand at the back door and dig at the door to be fed. They dig and dig and dig and dig and just will not stop. Drives me insane. Like I'd forget to feed them. They get fed the exact same thing every single morning. With out fail. Even before I get fed. Ingrates. So when I am trying to get the kid fed it drives me insane to listen to them rip up my door. When I reach my point of just can't stand it any more I grab the 1 metal dog bowl that stays inside the house, open the door and bang it on the outside of the house on the brick and yell at them (the neighbors have just got to love this at 6:30 in the morning, they can't possible not notice it). Then I start lecturing them about the fact that their asses should not get fed before mine and what I really should do is start telling them about the types of guns we own. That'd really freak the neighbors out. Yeah, that'd be great. Yup, we'd get rid of the neighbors right quick. Well maybe not the FBI neighbor but the other ones would probably skidaddle like the Texas wusses they are. Don't let the talk fool ya, Texans are all talk and no action what so ever. Trish would be ok though, she's used to us and already got fair warning that it's just my meds talking. Her hubby probably fears me though. I think he heard me the other morning, I heard someone out there that morning, poor neighbor. Did it slow down my tirade, nope. It may have been their son too, poor child. He's probably used to it though, he's got 3 sisters, he'd better get used to it, just wait till they all hit puberty. Fun stuff. Not. Anyway, I freaked out some poor neighbor over their. Again. Probably wasn't the first or last time. The funny part was that now Jayne has decided it's a fun game of chase. Must be his meds. His must be way better than mine. The other two, the dumb ones who are actually doing the scratching at the door, are terrified of the banging metal bowls (so why do they keep scratching at the door?). FWIW I do not then go inside, get their food and feed them. I do not let them equate me coming out, making noise, and lecturing with the reward of food. No, I am a better dog trainer than that. I let them equate their door scratching with me and the noise and lecture. Does it work? The scratching has become much more sedate. It used to be a frantic incessant thing, now it's just a scratch and a 5 to 10 minute pause followed by another scratch. I want to get an electric fence thing and every time I get a scratch I shock the living crap out of them. That's not the meds talking, I am just a masochist like that.

Bastages ought to learn that the world does not revolve around them. They peed on the carpet upstairs one too many times. They no longer sleep upstairs now, oh no. They now sleep downstairs in their crates. I never thought it'd come down to it but low and behold it has. And wouldn't you know it my bedroom no longer smells like a barn. It's really nice. I do love my dogs but wow, a bedroom that doesn't smell like a barn, it's nice. And these dogs get bathed like twice a month and their beds are washed regularly and they are indoor dogs! So why do they make my bedroom smell like a barn?


Jamie said...

Migraines SUCK! My mom and I get them. I have to wash my blankets weekly cause our Cocker Spaniel likes to sleep on the bed with me when I'm sleeping (I'm her person I guess) and by the end of the week they smell like a barn.

m0to said...

Uh, paragraph breaks?

MichelleSG said...

Jason are you criticizing my english skills? It's a blog post you have got to be kidding! Paragraph breaks are overrated, just keep reading, you'll get over it.

I don't know what it is that make dogs on people blankies smell like barns. My dogs have never even seen a horse before, I don't get it!

Trailboss said...

Uh, call me weird but I like the smell of barns! I can relate to your migraines. Thank goodness mine have pretty much subsided but they could always come back in a minute's notice. UGH

Trailboss said...

I have to agree with m0to. I love reading you but sometimes my old eyes can't keep up. Just sayin'

Kimberly said...

not here to judge your paragraphs :) just wanted to say thanks for the props!

Trailboss said...

That was WAY easier for my tired eyes to read. Thanks sweetie!