Thursday, August 14, 2008

An interesting little surprise

That 'new' used cars can sometimes be. The dh's co-worker, Mr. F, an older, very very nice man, has decided to kind of take the dh under his wing and help him out with a few car things. This week it was with making the new used car more fuel efficient car. Mr F decided they needed to do an oil change (which I fully agree with) so he went out and got some synthetic oil and an oil filter and had my dh come over to his house. The dh went over this morning with the kid and Mr F had his 2 grandsons/ gear heads do the oil change and evaluate the car. The oil in the car was total nastiness so it's a good thing they pulled it out. Also, and this was the interesting surprise, the engine in the '97 Honda Accord was not a '97 engine. Nope, turns out it was an '03 engine. Fancy that. Someone dropped an '03 Honda Accord engine in this car. Well, well, so here we thought this engine had a hundred plus miles on it. Doubt it. Seriously doubt it. Nope I think it has way fewer miles on it than that. Yeah I think it has less than 50k on it. I know the body is original, it has all the same matching stamped numbers on the inside. We plan on making a few under the hood changes, K&N air filter, splitfire spark plugs, changing the oil again in 3k rather than 5k since the oil was so dang nasty last time. We will treat this engine very nice to keep it live, this is the way of older cars. Keep them pampered and they will survive nice, don't and they will kick off fast.
BTW, all this rambling about the dh's car, you're probably wondering why it's on my blog and not the dh's right? I was raised by my dad, dh was raised by his mom. I am a gear head, he is not. If our car was to suddenly break down by the side of the road and someone was to pop the hood bets would have it I would be the one to crawl under that hood. That's just the way things roll in this family. I've spent more time under the hood of a car than he has, I like cars, they're fun. Plus I've listened to my dad prattle on about them for decades. The only reason I stopped doing my own oil changes is because disposing of your own oil is a pain in the ass and almost costs as much as paying for an oil change. I can also change brake pads but rear ones are a pain, I don't do rear ones. No saying I could get a dead car to run, just saying I could make a few educated guesses. Just saying I like cars.

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Trailboss said...

I love hearing this. I am certaintly no expert but I have listened a lot to ppl talking about engines and such. I also took an active role whenever a vehicle of mine was in the repair shop. Once I diagnosed the problem and was able to prove the mechanic and my husband at the time wrong. He he, imagine my delight.