Friday, August 29, 2008

I have lost my mind

Wait, I may never have had it. Regardless, I don't have it right now. So yesterday I though I had forgotten to take my pills for a bit. I now think I may be mistaken so I am just going to keep following the pill box and go status quo and assume that the pill box knows nothing of what the day is. Anyway I fed the dogs as normal this morning. Put the big dogs out side with their food, the little twerp inside with his. When they finished I let the big dogs inside and booted the Corbie outside to go potty. Then I got myself going in the kitchen to take pills, water, clean up after the kid and looked at the clock. Crap it was almost 7:30 and the kid was almost going to be late for school. Yelled up the stairs, let her know she needed to get on the ball, she wasn't going to make it if she dawdled and then she wouldn't get her E for the day and no toy box goodie for the day from the teacher (it's a motivation to get her moving faster) and then locked the big dogs up in their crates. I don't, however, recall ever letting the little dog back in the house and locking his butt in his crate. So after dropping the kid off at school at 7:35 and getting to work at 8:00 (lets hear it for speed, efficiency, and not getting caught, or in any accidents) amazing what you can do in 30 minutes, I am walking to the building thinking. Thinking....I can't recall ever putting the little dog in his crate and I think they are calling for rain today...good thing he's not the Wicked Witch of the West. My mother goes over to the house to let the dogs out to potty on the days the dh works though so I called her to give her fair warning so that she doesn't panic when she walks in to see an empty crate. She tends to panic first and think last. That's just her m.o., her brain, she doesn't usually bother using it, why when she can just freak out first? I am so glad my dad raised me, and here you guys think I am strange normally. I could be so much worse. Anyway, my brain, I am in no way getting any closer to finding the poor lost thing. I hope it found some nice comfortable place to hibernate because it's going to be awhile. Sadly I seem to be doing ok without it so far.

*Update* Mom called, yup, left the poor little runt outside and boy was he happy to see her. Good thing it hadn't started to rain yet. Like his world was going to end if he was left outside all day. Spoiled rotten brat.

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