Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No sleep for the wicked

Or at least those who don't know anything about a/c units. I think ours froze up. Yup, August in South Central Texas and our a/c is not working. We have 3 brachycephalic dogs so I have to use the limping along a/c in the meantime which is probably not good for the damn unit, oh well. I tried to defrost it last night so we tried turning it off and wet vac-ing off the water that condensed off into the drain pan every hour or so for 5 hours. At about 9 pm we turned it back on and it still was not working well but such is life. The dang condensing unit is in the attic (as is the hot water heater), why do builders put these water things in 2nd story attics? I mean really when they over flow bad things happen. As it was the pan had over flowed and the wood underneath it had some water on it. I have since put some old towels on the wood for future issues but the drain for this pan leads out to the wall all the way up on the back side of my house on the second story so I can't back wash the line to clear it out. Also you are supposed to run a cup of bleach through the line once a month. So you know, I can have a cup of bleach run all the way down my dark red brick wall every month. Now that is just plain stupid. Who is going to fix that stain? Morons. Oh and the insulation in my attic? Blown in insulation all over the place. Sure, that's not going to get in that pan and in the drain line and clog it up. That stuff is all over that pan. It makes no sense to me at all, none what so ever. Who came up with this system? They stuffed everything in the attic, the heating, the a/c condenser, the hot water heater. What a pain. All I know is that I want my a/c working again. So tonight we are going to shut that thing down for a good 10-12 hours and see how much we can get defrosted off. Then we're getting a maintenance guy to come in and see about cleaning it up some and see if that doesn't help any too. The house is only 2 years old, it can only be so worn down. Sure the blown in insulation can give it a run for it's money but dang, they used it on all the houses in the neighborhood and as far as I can tell everyone else still has a/c. We can't possibly be the only people with this problem. Friggin Texas and the heat, I swear.

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