Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I let my mil take my 4Runner this morning

So she could drive herself to Lago Vista, north of Austin. A bad idea you say? Yeah I totally agree. Did I tell ya'll about Saturday? No? Yeah I don't think that draft made it up. Well it went like this. Many years ago the mil and her husband (a beautiful man that I adore) got a time share a little north of Austin at Lake Travis that they never use. They have never been there and they now want to sell it. So her husband wants her to look at it while she's here.

Sounds easy right? Well ya'll know how Texas is ass backwards right? In CA (much as I hate that great state) things were pretty straight forward as far as roads and freeways are concerned. Not so much in Texas, they are pretty damn ass backwards here. It is unbelievable. You know my 50/50 chances in Austin from that post a few weekends ago right? Yeah well last weekend we spent a bit north of Austin in Lake Travis trying to find this Lago Vista. Never found it. 8 hours and 200 miles later never found it. The kid actually tolerated it pretty well but she had a birthday party to come home to so that was the up side. We left at 10 am and got back at 6pm totally unfruitful. The dh was in a GREAT mood by then end. We did get a few maps, printed out a thing on Map Quest but really, the combination of no real solid directions, park rangers with their heads up their butts and an odd lake shaped like a sperm (?) yeah so it was not all that great.

So when the mil called her husband to let him know that we did not find the place he was not happy and could not understand why we couldn't find it. I love the man but I would really like him to come out here and find it himself. Well really I'd just like him to come out here, I miss him and I know he'd enjoy seeing our little girl again. So the mother in law is now on her way up to 20 minutes north of Austin. She has bad vision, bad maniacal driving habits, has no clue when it comes to orientation, doesn't know the city or state she's in, oh and the weather, it's thunder storming today, yeah, thunder storms. If she makes it there it'll be a miracle.

I have no idea if she'll make it back. If she doesn't we're screwed because I have no way of making it home and I'll have to find some one to pick the kid up from after school care by 6:30 when it closes. The good news is that I have a bazillion of my neighbors signed up as ok to pick up my kid from after school care (no, my mother is not one of them, big surprise there right?). But we'll see how it pans out. Austin is 90 miles north of us here, Lake Travis is about 10-20 miles north of Austin, she may be able to make it the and back in time. Alive. Who knows. Oh ye/me of little faith. Yeah well you guys have never seen the woman drive. She's kind of the original ditzy blond except she's not blond. Oh and did I mention she doesn't see well? Yeah well there ya go. I have good car insurance though so there's that. I hope she does ok. I know she's only really going because her husband doesn't think that there's any reason that we shouldn't have been able to find the place on Saturday. He just doesn't understand that Texas roads aren't California Freeways. Not even close.
She totally made it back well in time to pick up the kid and me . She even had time to stop at the outlet malls in San Marcos at like noon. No rain even. Kiddos to the MIL.


Jamie said...

I'm sorry. I hope only good things happen to your 4runner.

Kimberly said...

did she make it back?